Easy Turkey Treat Bags for Thanksgiving

Turkey Treat Bags With Printable Tags

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Turkey Treat Bags With Printable Tags. Put any candy or fun goodies inside these cute bags to give out to friends and family on Thanksgiving

If you’ve seen any of my Thanksgiving posts you know I can’t cook Thanksgiving food. I can make desserts and cute decorations that’s more my thing. This year I am making a side dish and even that intimidates me! I cannot tell you how many times I have ruined mashed potatoes. We are also doing Thanksgiving a little early to work with the families schedule so I really need to start figuring out what I can make. I did figure out how to make these cute turkey treat bags with free printable tags and that’s important too ;). These little turkey bags are really easy! You can stuff them with candy or non-candy options, whichever you prefer. Stickers, crayons or bubbles could be fun too. You can hand them out to kids in class. I think I will make some stuffed with fun little toys and crayons for the kids table at Thanksgiving. It is hard to get kids to sit through a big meal and activities always help :). read more

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