Unicorn Party Horns

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Unicorn Party Horns made out of party hats! Easy to make unicorn horns, cute for a unicorn party. - Val Event Gal

Continuing my unicorn love today I will be showing you how to turn party hats into unicorn party horns! I got these party hats from Target because when you are at Target you always come back with the essentials. Toilet paper, snacks, a piñata, party hats, some throw pillows, a pretty plate, toys and then raid the dollar sections. Who doesn’t need a more pretty straws and baskets?! I need to ban myself from Target because it is not pretty. I have no self-control there. I also give myself excuses to go there when I don’t need to because I can’t get laundry detergent at the grocery store, right?! I’m trying to budget but Target is always my splurge place! I need to have a little fun though and that is where I have my fun. I guess I am really an adult since plates and pillows are my play time! Target has really done a good job with their party decorations lately.  Love their party hats and they have cute diy banners. I got these white and gold party hats because I just had to have them! I knew I would find some uses for them and turning them into unicorn horns is obviously a logical use, right? I still have some left for dinner parties or any other occasion. Yes, I expect my dinner party guests to wear party hats. Now lets make these unicorn party horns! read more

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