Free Printable Peep S’more Gift Tags

Confession, I used to not like Peeps. I’ve always thought they were an adorable candy but they are super sweet. I have found that they are best when you add them to something. Add a bit of chocolate and graham crackers and they are so tasty! I love Peeps in a s’more. These also have the added fun of the colorful chocolate bark wit some sprinkles. It is a colorful candy dream. The more color the better for spring and Easter! I made these with cute little printable s’more tags that look like peeps. They say “More S’mores For My Peeps” and “I Like You S’more Than Most Peeps”. Cute and silly tags to match the cute peeps. These are fun for kids and adults alike. Adults maybe even more than kids, I will have to hand some out to my girlfriends. I used blue Peeps, I was going to pick the purple my favorite color but the purple ones faces weren’t as cute, they were a little lopsided. It happens! I do have a pet peeve with Peeps. They have all of these fun colors but I don’t want to pick one I want a mix of them all. I’m too indecisive to pick one color. So Peeps peeps please put all the colors in one package!

What you need to make them:

graham crackers

chocolate or colorful chocolate bark(how to make the spring chocolate bark here)

peeps in any colors that you like

clear gift bags or plastic bags

All you need to do to put these together is print out the peep tags HERE. I also have some other fun gift tags HERE. Put two graham crackers, chocolate, and a peep in a clear bag. Tie ribbon around the top. Then punch a hole in the peep gift tag or poke a hole in it, insert the ribbon, and tie the tag on.

Peep Gift Tags and S'more Peeps

I just love the look of Peeps with the bright fun colors and these Peep gift tags go perfectly with them!

Free Printable Peep Smores Gift Tags

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