10 Fun Easter Party Games

Here on the blog we are wild for games! We won’t be playing any reindeer games this time of year. Right now it is all about the bunny games and Easter party games! I think when you get together with a group or there is a holiday it’s good to have a few games up your sleeve or under your paw. I came up with some quick and easy games for Easter that will keep a variety of people of different ages entertained. Easter eggs are just made for games.

Here are some fun Easter party games:

  1. The bunny hop! Use pillow cases and two people have to hop in the case to race from one end of the yard to another. You can also just tie each persons two legs together for the race.
  2. Bunny relay race. Same as the last but with 3 or 4 people on a team. It’s always fun to have teams competing against each other!
  3. Bunny faces. Have face paint and everyone has to paint a bunnyy nose and whiskers on their face. They can be blindfolded or have to close their eyes too. These could turn out quite funny if they are blindfolded. You can also have one person stand behind the other and the person behind has to use their hands to paint on the face while the other person instructs them. This game should be good for laughs.
  4. Chubby bunny. Have each person see how many marshmallows they can fit in their mouth and still be able to say chubby bunny. Whoever can fit the most wins. I vaguely remember doing this as a kid and it was so fun!
  5. Bunny tag. Whoever has the bunny ears on has to chase other “bunnies” around. Everyone has to hop the entire time. 
  6. Which plastic egg has the marshmallow inside. Put a marshmallow in one egg and have three eggs lined up. I used a marshmallow for this because the candy moved around too much and gave it away! Show people in the beginning which egg it is in then move them around a lot and quickly. Then see if people know where the marshmallow is.
  7. Egg on a spoon race! Put plastic eggs on a spoon and two people have to race with the eggs on a spoon without dropping it. They can have obstacles to get over or around to make it more challenging.
  8. Build a bunny house. Build bunny houses with marshmallows and toothpicks. The best house wins!
  9. One that I saw recently is a nighttime egg hunt. Put glow sticks in eggs and older kids can do a nighttime egg hunt!
  10. Egg catch! With a real(this could get messy) or fake egg have everyone in a circle and they have to toss the egg to the person to their right. If it’s a real egg the mess factor could be fun but you could use a fake egg too. When someone drops the egg they are out. Spread out further the longer the game goes on.

10 Fun Easter Party Games

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