Easter Bunny Lollipops

Bunny Lollipops

It’s bunny time of year! I made these little bunny lollipops to celebrate Easter. I can’t decide which are cuter these are my Easter Chick Lollipops. Let me know which ones you like better. These are a fun craft to make with kids for Easter. You can also put them in Easter baskets. What are the rules for the Easter bunny is it supposed to be the Easter bunny that brings a basket or can kids know it’s the parents? I get confused from holiday to holiday what my daughter believes. She just lost a tooth and she is so excited about the tooth fairy. I love it but she keeps asking questions. Then I forget what I already told her. I fall into the rabbit hole of well, rabbit lies and fairy lies. However, I think there is something wonderful and magical about these imaginary creatures. I wish I still believed in as many things as my daughter. Anyways getting back on track, these Easter bunny lollipops are the cutest. They are simple to make and kids can make them themselves to give to friends. Well maybe with a little help depending on their age.

What you need to make them:

lollipops any flavor

pink or white tissue paper(I just had pink)

white paper

pink crayon or marker


black or pink sharpie(if you are using pink tissue paper use black, white you can use either)

  1. Cut out a square of tissue paper about 4 inches.
  2. Put the lollipop in the center of the tissue paper. 
  3. Fold the tissue paper down and bunch right under the lollipop.
  4. Tie a ribbon around the lollipop stick.
  5. Cut off extra tissue paper if it is too long. 
  6. Draw face on with a sharpie. 2 dots for the eyes, a pink circle for the nose, and two lines on each side for whiskers.
  7. Cut out ears that are an oval shape, draw a pink oval for the inside of the ear. At first I made the ears a little pointy but I came back and rounded them out more, a two inch oval for the ears is good. Fold the bottom part down and back. Then tape that bottom part on to the top of the bunny lollipop.

There you go you have bunny lollipops! Kids can make these too and they are just the cutest. They’d be fun to make for a group of people coming over for Easter.

Cute Bunny Lollipops for Easter Bunny Lollipops for Easter

They came out so cute! I’m impressed with my bunny making skills!

Easy Easter Bunny Lollipops


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