Flamingo Party Printables

Fun Flamingo Party Printables

You cannot have a flamingo party without some fabulous party printables! There are not a lot of flamingo decorations you will find at the store. That is why I needed to create some party printables. I made these cute little flamingos that are ready to party with you! They come in a few different styles for banners, toppers, and other adorable decorations. You can really get creative with how you use these printables to really make them your own!

Lets get this party started!

Flamingo banner  with the light blue just around the edge CLICK HERE. It is just one sheet that you can print as many times as you want to make as big of a banner as you want! Punch two holes in the top towards the center of each circle then string through ribbon and hang it up.

Flamingo banner with bright blue background CLICK HERE.

Flamingo banner with pink and black stripe background(not pictures) CLICK HERE

There you have 3 banner choices that you can mix and match! I encourage everyone to take the printables and really get creative. You can also use them for centerpieces. Just attach the circles to a wooden dowel, bamboo skewer, or paper straw then place them in a vase or plastic container with tissue paper.

To make tissue paper flamingos make a regular tissue paper pom pom. A small size using half sheets of tissue paper might work well. You can also use tulle to make a pink tulle flamingo. Get the printable head CLICK HERE for one side and CLICK HERE for the other side.

For the flamingo toppers CLICK HERE, HERE, and HERE

For Decorative flamingo paper or signs CLICK HERE. If you get this blown up to a large print size it would make a great backdrop!

Flamingo Party Printables


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