Simple DIY Emoji Balloons

Fun and easy emoji balloons

Emojis are really fun for all ages! I’m 30ish(I’m not going to see exactly how old) and I love them. My 5 year old daughter also loves them. These balloons are really easy to make for emoji parties. It’s a great party theme for teens and any age really. I picked a few emojis to make on these balloons but you could do any ones you like! I probably over use these ones a bit when I am texting. I’m super cool like that ;). I just looked at the pictures of emojis to see how to draw the faces but I will show some of the details below for a little extra help. These diy emoji balloons are the easiest cute balloons to make for a party!

All you need to make them:

yellow balloons

curling ribbon

black, red and blue sharpies

Draw heart eyes draw triangle mouth

The heart eyes you draw two hearts on the top of the balloon with a red sharpie. Then a triangle for the mouth on the bottom in the middle.

blowing kiss emoji balloon

For the blowing kiss one with a black sharpie draw two half circles facing downward. Place them toward the top of the balloon slightly spread out. Then a sideways lowercase m for the mouth. Draw a heart to the right side in between the eyes and mouth.

half circle for the mouth laughing balloon mouth balloon eyes and eyebrows draw blue laugh tears

For the laugh crying emoji(I’m sure that’s not the actual name but I call it that). Make the bottom of a half circle for the mouth with a black sharpie. Draw a line on the top and one line an inch below that. Then draw the red tongue in with a red sharpie. Fill in the space above the tongue up to the line with black sharpie. For the eyes make small half circles facing downward slightly spread out and lines slightly to the outside of the eyes right above them. Use a blue sharpie to make a few small oval shapes for the tears. From the eyes down to the sides of the mouth.

emoji balloon funemoji balloons Simple emoji balloonsSimple DIY Emoji Balloons! Super easy and fun emoji party DIY

I also made a simple smile one. There you go in a few minutes you can make a bunch of emoji balloons! Showing all of the emotions with these emoji balloons. Who’s ready for an emoji party?!

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