Feed the Turkey Thanksgiving Game

feed the turkey fun Thanksgiving game

Thanksgiving isn’t always the most fun holiday for kids. Yes, you have family and food but kids need more excitement. Plus, at least my daughter isn’t a big fan of Thanksgiving food. I don’t blame her, I was a really picky eater as a kid and would mostly eat stuffing and pie. Ok maybe I still do that but I just gravitate towards the carbs and sugar. At least on Thanksgiving there are no rules when it comes to eating, just pile it on, no shame! This easy feed the turkey Thanksgiving game is great simple entertainment. Kids can play this indoors while adults are still dilly dallying with their meal. You can also bring it outside where it’s nice out. Adults and kids can play this game. I used candy to toss in the Turkeys mouth but you can use small balls or bean bags sort of like corn hole.


What you need to make it:

white foam board

brown paint(or paper)

paintbrush if using paint

yellow and orange paper

sharp scissors or exact o knife

a circle cutter or plate to trace around

hot glue gun

googly eyes

cut hole circle cutter

I used a circle cutter to get the size hole I wanted(3 inches) towards the top in the middle of the foam board. Then I used a sharp scissors to cut all the way through the foam board because the circle cutter doesn’t go deep enough. You can also trace around a small place and cut out the circle with a sharp scissors. I have a circle cuter so I used it but it is not needed.

paint a circle around hole paint the body

Paint a circle of brown paint around the hole. The paint the body in a large oval or circle shape below the smaller circle. You can also use brown paper to create the head and body. Cut it into the desired shapes and glue it on the foam board with hot glue. Let the paint dry before adding anything else.

cut-paper cut-out-feather-shapes

Cut paper into feather shapes. I used 12 in by 12 in paper, cut it in half and then cut each half into about 6 feathers. I didn’t use exact measurements but each feather was about 2 inches wide.

cut-and-fold-two-triangle-shapes cut-out-feet-shapes

With the extra scraps of paper I made 2 triangles for the mouth and two for the feet. Fold over the bottom edge of two of the triangles for the mouth. For the feet cut off the top of the triangles and then cut two small spread out triangles on the bottom.


Once the paint is dry glue the feather shapes around the sides and top of the turkey body and head with a hot glue gun.


Glue the triangles on the top and bottom of the hole for the mouth. Then the googly eyes above the top part of the mouth. Glue the feet onto the bottom of the body.

toss-the-candy-in-the-turkeys-mouth imgp3516 turkey-toss-game feed-the-turkey-thanksgiving-game feed the turkey fun Thanksgiving game for kids and adults

Toss candy into the turkeys mouth! It’s a fun game for all ages to play on Thanksgiving.

Feed the Turkey DIY Thanksgiving Game

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