Fruit Ice Cream Cones

Summer is the perfect time for fruit and for ice cream. Well this doesn’t include a lot of actually fruit more like ice cream that looks like fruit. Does fruit flavor ice cream count as fruit? I’d say it does! I made cute little fruit ice cream cones that look like watermelons and pineapples. Two of my favorite cute fruits! Confession I didn’t have a ton of ice cream because everyone in my family ate the ice cream before I could use it. Don’t they know prop ice cream when they see it! They didn’t turn out as full as I would like because of the lack of ice cream but you get the idea.

For pineapple ice cream cones:

Yellow ice cream, pineapple flavor is great! You can add a touch of yellow food color to add brightness.

green candy melts

cake ice cream cones

  1. Dip the top of ice cream cones in green candy melts. Let it dry.
  2. Add yellow ice cream.
  3. For the top put melted green candy melts in a pineapple top pattern. Let it dry then top the ice cream with the topper.

For the watermelon cones.

  1. Same with the pineapple dip cones in green candy melts and let it dry.
  2. Add pink ice cream.
  3. Add chocolate chips spread out over the top.

Pineapple Ice Cream Cone Cute Watermelon Ice Cream Cone Fruit Ice Cream Cones for Summer

They are the cutest ice cream cones ever! Perfect for a summer fruit themed party or just for fun. Kids and adults will love these adorable cones.

Fruit Ice Cream Cones

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