Easy Balloon Centerpiece

Balloons are amazing! There is so much you can do with balloons. Lately I have been seeing hula hoops with balloons for a dessert table backdrop. I also have seen balloon centerpieces! I thought it looked so cute and had to make one for my daughters birthday. I actually made two because that’s just twice as fun! It was super easy to make and anyone can make a balloon centerpiece for their party. It’s also super cheap for a big effect and that’s what party do it yourself projects are all about. I added some colorful paper palm fronds that matched the colors of the party theme. You could also add some fake flowers to give it a delicate look. Lets get this party started!

What you need to make this easy balloon centerpiece:

balloons, you can use a few colors or just one

needle and thread


colorful cardstock paper(for the palm fronds)

  1. Take a needle and thread it.
  2. Blow up balloons. I made some smaller than others to give a bit of variety. I used about 12 balloons. You can use more or less depending on the size of your table.
  3. Poke a hole with the needle into the tied off end of the balloon. Not into the blown up part because it would deflate. I was slightly afraid of popping the balloons but it all worked.
  4. Leave some thread at the end to tape the balloon centerpiece in place.
  5. String more balloons on to the thread. Make sure they are close together and fill out both sides and the top. Continue with all of the balloons or until the table is filled up as much as you like it.
  6. Tape the thread to the table or tablecloth to keep the balloons from moving. As long as you have them close enough together they should stay in place just fine.
  7. I made paper palm fronds by taking a piece of 12’x12′ cardstock paper and cutting it in half. Then fold that half in half lengthwise. The side that isn’t folded cut to round out the edges making it an oval shape that is pointed at the ends. Then take scissors and cut downwards from the top at a diagonal.
  8. Tuck the palm fronds into any gaps in the balloons.

I really love how these turned out. Who doesn’t love balloons. Just make sure to leave extra balloons for kids to play with at the party. Balloons never go out of style!

Easy Balloon Centerpiece

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