Tissue Paper Fireworks

Who doesn’t love fireworks! Ok dogs usually don’t and sometimes firework shows are just too crowded. However, once those beautiful shining fireworks start it is all worth it. That is one of the best parts of the Fourth of July and I wanted to make fireworks fun for kids too. Not with anything flammable because kids and fire do not mix! I’m talking about the squishy fun tissue paper kind. Kids can throw them all around and make their own firework show. They are also super cute for a decoration at parties! So lets bring on the summer and the Fourth of July with some fun fireworks!

What you need to make them:

tissue paper in 3 colors, I went with the patriotic red white and blue

ribbon or twine


  1. Cut tissue paper into strips about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. 6 strips, 3 of each color per firework.
  2. Twist the middle together and tie it. You can also cut out small pieces of either side of the middle to make it easier to tie together.
  3. Spread out the pieces on each side pulling them up in opposite directions.
  4. Then throw your fireworks! If you want to hang them up in a garland wrap the center ribbon around another ribbon in the first step.

DIY Tissue Paper Firework Decorations

There are more than one way to use them. Kids can throw them for a firework display, throw them at each other for fun, thrown in the air for pictures, hanging up as decorations, and also as table decorations. The possibilities are endless and they are so easy to make!

Tissue Paper Fireworks

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