DIY Cinnamon Roll Bouquet

A Sweet Bouquet With Cinnamon Rolls

Some bouquets are sweeter than others. This sweet diy cinnamon roll bouquet is easy to make and a fun gift to give friends. You can make homemade cinnamon rolls or a package. I went the easy route with a tube of rolls. Add colorful sprinkles to brighten them up more and put them on bamboo skewers to make a bouquet. I love how this bouquet turned out and seriously who doesn’t prefer a bouquet that you can eat?! Edible bouquets are becoming more and more popular because birthdays are a time to splurge on your favorite treats. Cinnamon rolls also go great with coffee so making it in a coffee mug is a perfect fit. I just used a large plain white mug with colorful tissue paper. You could also decorate a mug to give as part of the gift or get one with a funny saying on it. Lets get these cinnamon rolls started!

What you need to make them:

cinnamon rolls

bamboo skewers

coffee mug or cup

tissue paper

  1. Bake cinnamon rolls, top with icing, and cute sprinkles. Let them cool
  2. Put cinnamon rolls on bamboo skewers. To make them at different heights in the bouquet you can trim down some of the skewers by cutting off a third of the skewers. You might want to arrange the skewers in the mug before adding the cinnamon rolls to get them in the right place. I added them afterwards but just trying to make it easier on you!
  3. Put tissue paper in a coffee mug or large cup.
  4. Add the cinnamon rolls to the mug spreading them out. I added a couple in front, in the middle, and in back.
  5. Add a gift tag if you want CLICK HERE for printable “Have a sweet birthday” gift tags.

Make a DIY Cinnamon Roll Bouquet Cinnamon Roll from a sweet bouquet Cinnamon Roll Bouquet for Birthdays Colorful Cinnamon Roll Bouquet

Now this present will make anyone have a sweet birthday or day! It also looks cute as an edible decoration. It’s my birthday this week so I will be eating all the edible bouquets I can!

Cinnamon Roll Bouquet

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