Christmas Spirit Gift

It is the most wonderful time of the year and the time of the year to really go all out with Christmas spirit! What gets you into the Christmas spirit? For me it is all about watching Christmas movies, making cookies, eating cookies(I can’t just make them I have to at least sample too). Also I have to do all of that while wearing Christmas pjs and a Santa hat, is there any other way to do it?! Other fun ways to bring on the Christmas spirit are Christmas music, lights, and crafts. You can really get creative with a Christmas themed gift. This is a fun gift for family on Christmas Eve with Christmas pajamas inside and fun stuff to eat or do together. Does your family have a favorite Christmas movie that you watch each year? We love Elf and the kids are getting into it too! This Christmas Spirit gift will be a huge hit with the kids and family!

I made a couple tags for fun Christmas gift, get the tags CLICK HERE

It’s a fun and easy gift to put together and a great tradition to start with family!

About Valerie Jackson

Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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