Ice Princess Snowflake Wands

Ice Princess Snowflake Wands are a pretty DIY for winter or Frozen parties or winter play!

This is the perfect time of year to make snowflake wands! It might be Frozen land in my house year round for my daughter but you can’t always find snowflakes. I know everyone in colder climates have to have inside activities too so these are fun for pretend play and embracing the cold! I’ve made a bunch of snowflake wands to sell for Frozen parties so last year I stocked up on snowflakes when they had them at the craft stores during the winter. If you ever need a ton of snowflake wands for a party just let me know ;). These ice princess snowflake wands are really simple to make.

wand materials

What you need to make them:

snowflakes in any color you want(dollar store or craft stores have them)


wooden dowels

strong glue such as adhesive or super glue

glue snowflake

Lay the snowflake next to the wooden dowel to see how much glue to add. You want the center of the snowflake to be glued on. Add glue on to the wooden dowel. I used hot glue at first and then when that wasn’t working as well adhesive glue. The trickiest part is getting it to really stay on. You can also wrap ribbon around the whole wooden dowel let that dry and glue the snowflake to the ribbon part. Press the snowflake firmly onto the dowel and make sure to give the glue plenty of time to dry. You can also put ribbon in the holes around the middle, tie it around the back and glue that on as well. Once again getting it to stay is the tricky part so use as much reinforcement as you can :).

glue the bottom and wrap aroundsnowflake wand tie ribbontied ribbon

Wrap ribbon around the bottom the whole wooden dowel starting right behind the snowflake glue it there and glue it on the bottom. You can wrap it tightly or more spread out like I did. Take a couple pieces of ribbon and tie them right below the snowflake for decoration.

Easy snowflake wands Snowflake Wand with blue snowflake and blue ribbon  wand for a Frozen party or winter fun

Any ice princess would love these snowflake wands! I know my little ice princess loves them.



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