Cute Winter Party Desserts

Cute Winter Party Desserts

I am still loving marshmallow pops for parties and these cute winter party desserts and marshmallow pops are perfect for this time of year! I’ve seen a lot of the melted snowman cookies but if you are short on time marshmallows are a yummy, easy alternative to cookies. You melt some chocolate melts dip marshmallows, add a few decorations and viola you are ready for a party! I made the snowmen and penguins for the marshmallow pops. I’ve done the penguins before as cake pops. These penguins are adorable! You can do black and white to make them more penguiny ;). I had extra blue candy melts so I am continuing with my blue penguins(I made blue penguin donuts that were super adorable). I also made easy white reindeer cupcakes. I know reindeer aren’t white but they look really cute and modern this way. It goes with the snowy look.

For the snowmen you need:


pretzel sticks

twizzlers pull n peel or fruit roll ups

round orange candy or sprinkles

black food writer

Pour a small amount of white candy melts in a circular shape a little wider than the marshmallow. Place a marshmallow on top standing up and then put a spoonful of melted candy melts on top of the marshmallow. Spread it around down the sides. Place another marshmallow on top. Wrap a peeled Twizzlers in between the two marshmallows. Break a pretzel stick in half and put one half in one side and the other in the other side of the top of the bottom marshmallow. With the food pen make two dots for the eyes and three in the shape of a smile for the mouth. Add an orange candy or sprinkle, first put a dot of candy melts on the spot for the nose with a toothpick so the “nose” will stick. If you want them really melted snowman looking just use one marshmallow and mini chocolate chips for the face.

melted snowmen marshmallows melting snowmen marshmallows

They are so cute!

For the penguins you need:


candy eyes

black or blue candy melts

orange or yellow candy melts

dipping marshmallow dipped marshmallow IMG_8615 IMG_8617

Dip the top right side of the marshmallow in the candy melts(make sure it is at an angle when you dip it). Then repeat with the other side. Put on the candy eyes. Take a orange or yellow candy melt and cut it in half. Then cut one side in thirds(for the mouths) and the other in half(for the feet). Put the mouth on right below the eyes. Dip the top of the feet pieces in candy melts then put them underneath the marshmallow pressing up firmly.

penguin marshmallow pops

For the reindeer:

cupcake frosted with white frosting

blue sixlets

white sixlets


IMG_8653 reindeer

I was going for a “modern” winter looking reindeer but you can make it in regular reindeer colors. Just frost with chocolate frosting and use red or brown candy for the nose. Add the sixlet candy for the nose. Add two white SIxlets for the eyes then add a dot of black frosting(you can also use candy eyes). Break a pretzel in half. Put one half in the top right side and one in the top left side. There you go you have a cute reindeer. I’m not even sure if mine look like reindeer since they aren’t the normal colors but they are cute!

reindeer cupcakesThe reindeer are having a party! They brought out the disco balls and everything!

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