Bunny Cupcakes with Printable Ears

Bunny Cupcakes with Printable Ears

Today I have really easy bunny cupcake with printable ears for you! The printable ears are a little bit smaller than these since these ones were about as big as the cupcakes. These little funny bunnies are adorable and very simple to make for anyone. Perfect for Easter. All I have left to figure out is an Easter basket. I made these cupcakes as simple as possible because I know how busy everyone gets with Easter egg hunts, making food and everything else for Easter. The fun thing with the printable ears is you can use them for other crafts! Use them with pom pom craft balls and googly eyes(yes, I always have to suggest googly eyes). You could also put them in an apple or any fruit to get your kids to eat some fruit! The possibilities are endless.

What you need to make the bunny cupcakes:

white cupcake

white frosting

printable ears



candy eyes

pink M&Ms or other pink candy like sixlets.

bunny cupcake with free printable ears

So I was going to put step by step pictures but it really isn’t necessary since these are so simple. Frost a cupcake. Print out the ears and cut them out along the outlines. I might suggest cutting off the bottom 1/2 inch of each ear so it is straight across that might make it easier to insert into the cupcake. Tape a toothpick to the back of each ear. Insert the toothpicks into the top of the cupcake. In the above picture I inserted them pointing out to each side but I think they look better straight up on the top right next to each other. You can bend one or both of them forward on the top to make the ears more floppy. Add candy eyes and 1 pink M&M for the nose(I got the pastel Easter M&M mix). You can add a couple white, black. or brown sprinkles for whiskers. You could also add mini marshmallows for teeth.

bunny cupcakes easter bunny cupcakes with free printable

Simple and cute bunnies that hopped right into my mouth!

Here is the printable for the ears:


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