DIY Party Food Labels

DIY Party Food Labels

Food and drink labels are a cute touch to add to any kind of party.These diy party food labels are really simple to make for parties. These colors are fun for girls nights, bachelorette parties or bridal showers. I like to have bright colors but you can use any color combination. You can make a full food menu if you are having a more formal meal. I love the little foil paper accents on these! You can see that my hand writing is not the best but I still wrote on them to show that they can still look cute with fancy hand lettering. I will also tell you different combinations you can use to make them extra cute!

materials for labels

What you need to make the diy party food labels:

cardstock paper in black, white, pink or whatever your party colors are

foil cardstock paper in silver, gold or any party colors(silver and gold are good for silverware)

Prizm Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

DIe D-Lites Foodie Etched Dies

gold or silver metallic markers or chalkboard marker


making food labels

Take the cardstock paper and cut it into strips that are three inches across and four inches long. Fold the papers in half downward. They will make little paper tents this way. You can layer colors by making another strip that is an inch shorter in length and width. Fold it the same way and then layer them together with the smaller piece on top centered in the middle.

Prizm die cut machine spellbinders prizm die cutting

To make the drink shapes and silverware use the foil cardstock paper in the Prizm. I have never used the foil paper before and now it is my new favorite! You can use different colors but silver and gold are good for the foodie shapes.

glue shapes on labels glue shapes on

Glue the foodie shapes on the labels. I used a toothpick to put a dab of glue on the back of the shapes. Then pressed them firmly onto the paper. I put them off to one side but you could put them on both sides. If you want to add a lot of the shapes just use a bigger strip of paper to have room for writing.

add dots

With the metallic marker I added little dots all around the top of the labels to give it a confetti type look. You could also just do straight lines along the edges for a more simple look. Then write in food, drink, or specific food item names on the labels. Another way to do without writing in the name is print out on cardstock paper(white or color cardstock) the names for the labels. You could write over the font with a metallic gel pen or marker. You could also use the gold foil paper and letter etched dies.

party drink label appetizer label party food labels diy fun food labels fun party food labels modern party food labels

Simple as that you have some pretty diy party food labels. Next time I would probably use a different color for the writing like a silver metallic pen or use the letter dies like I mentioned above. These ones are really fun for a girls party but you can use any party colors.




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