DIY Ghost Treat Bags with free printable tags

ghost treat bag with free printable tags

Halloween is just around the corner! Okay, maybe down the street and around the corner but I am getting ready. We are getting into the fun time of year when all the holidays start coming up. October through December is probably my favorite time of year. I get to decorate for all the holidays and make fun treats. Plus it gets nice out instead of this 100 and something degree weather in Phoenix. That is why I am ready to start now in September to get ready for all the fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. fun! These little diy ghost treat bags with printable tags are the cutest and ridiculously easy to make. These would be cute to give to kids in class or neighbors. Even on Halloween why not give out candy in little treat bags?! You can’t go wrong with the classic ghosts for Halloween.

ghost bag materials

Materials to make the ghost treat bags:

white tissue paper

black sharpie

curling ribbon


candy of your choice(I went with Kit Kats)

put candy in tissue paper bunch tissue paper around the top tie ribbon around the top

  1. Take a sheet of white tissue paper and fold it in half. Put candy in the center.
  2. Take the edges of the tissue paper and fold them up over the candy and bunch together with one hand.
  3. Tie curling ribbon around the bunched part over the tissue paper.draw other eye draw mouth cut out printables tie on printable
  4. Draw eyes on the side of the bag with a black sharpie.
  5. Draw an oval mouth with the sharpie.
  6. Cut out printable tags, find the printable HERE and punch a hole in the top of the tags(you can also poke a hole with scissors).
  7. Tie the tag onto the bag next to the face but not covering the ghost face.
  8. If the tissue paper is too long on the top cut some off. I cut it down a bit to make it even.

Making ghost treat bags with printable tags Boo! Candy for You DIY ghost treat bags ghost treat bag with free printable tag DIY ghost treat bags with boo candy for you printable tags ghost treat bag with free printable tagsDIY Ghost Treat Bags with free printable tags! These tissue paper treat bags are simple to make and stuff with different goodies!

Get the free printable gift bag tags HERE



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