DIY Glitter Spider Rings

Shiny glitter spider rings

This is how I like my spiders! With glitter and you know, not real. I don’t have a fear of spiders but I would definitely jump a bit if I saw one. Halloween is the time of spider and all things creepy but I like to make my creepy things look more pretty than creepy. These diy glitter spider rings were really easy to make and transform basic spider rings into something shiny and pretty. These are good for kids and adult parties. You can also use them as table decorations or wine charms.

materials for making spider rings

What you need to make them:

plastic spider rings

mod podge

paint brush


paint spiders with mod podge paint spider spider with glue dip spider in glitter let ring dry

  1. dip paintbrush in mod podge
  2. paint spider with mod podge cover all the legs but don’t put too much on each leg only needs a little bit
  3. put glitter on a paper plate or in a paper bowl, you can put newspaper underneath to catch any extra glitter and prevent a mess
  4. dip spider ring in glitter
  5. shake off excess glitter so it wont shed glitter
  6. let rings dry

pretty shiny diy glitter spider ringsdiy glitter spider ring and wine charmspiders diy glitter ringsshiny spider rings are the best kindshiny blingy diy sparkle spider rings

I think I will wear these all year because they are so sparkly and fun! I have never loved spiders so much. Once again they are fun for kids and adults. Really who doesn’t love adding glitter to things?!

DIY Glitter Spider Rings for Halloween
DIY Glitter Spider Rings

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