Printable Coloring Thanksgiving Hats

Printable Thanksgiving Hats

These printable coloring Thanksgiving hats are so cute, easy to make and a fun craft for kids at Thanksgiving. Kids can color in these printable hats on Thanksgiving. They are really cute for picture of kids too. I made a pilgrim hat, feathers, turkey and piece of pie. I had to cover all of the Thanksgiving fun! My daughter loved these coloring Thanksgiving hats. You can also decorate them with other craft supplies like tissue paper, stickers, paint, and pom poms.

What you need to make them:

printable hats(get the printable file below)

crayons or markers


stapler or glue

color in thanksgiving hats feather Thanksgiving hat staple extra strip to the back

Kids can color in the hats on the printed out sheets. When they are all done coloring cut out the pieces. The hats were still a little small so you can trace the straight strip of paper on another piece of paper to add more width. Measure it around kids heads to get the right size, cut off any extra or wrap it around. Staple the pieces together.

Turkey Thanksgiving Hat Pie Coloring Thanksgiving Hat Printable color in Thanksgiving hats Kids craft printable coloring Thanksgiving hats

Kids can color them in any way that they want. You can also give them to adults to color just to be silly. I’m an adult and I like coloring!

Get the printable hats: CLICK HERE

Printable Coloring Thanksgiving Hats

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