DIY No Sew Owl Hat

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Owl hat DIY

I love winter time and getting all bundled up. In Phoenix it doesn’t get cold to the point where you can’t leave the house but you definitely need to be bundled up. I also love winter hats! I’ve seen the adorable animal hats that people crochet or sew. Crocheting and sewing are way above my crafty skill level. One day when I have some extra time maybe I will learn how to crochet. For now I will stick to the easier way. I found some solid color hats from the dollar section at target. They were a couple dollars. Then you add a felt owl and it is an adorable owl hat. I made this one for me but you can also make them for kids. For my daughter I will add in some bright colors to match her rainbow colored wardrobe. I made this peek a who owl hat(get it, peek a boo peak a who) in minutes.

What you need to make the owl hat:

beanie or knit winter hat, preferably one that folds over on the bottom for the owl to peak out of


glue: tacky glue, hot glue, or fabric glue

Spellbinders Platinum 6

Who’s there steel rule dies

Spellbinders platinum stack sheets owl shapes

I use the new Spellbinders Platinum 6 to make the owl. It was so easy and fun to use! Put the plastic plate down, the owl die shapes, the felt on top of the owls, then the other plastic plate on top. Then send it through the Platinum 6 and the shapes are cut out in seconds! It is such a fun tool for all types of crafting.

build the felt owls glue on owl face

I played around with where I wanted to position the face and wings. Once you have them where you want them glue them on. I used my hot glue gun. Glue the wings on once the owl is in the hat if you want them coming around the front.

tuck felt owl in to hat glue the wings on

Tuck the owl into the hat. Then glue it in the position you want it in. I placed mine slightly off to one side. Try on the hat and look in the mirror before you glue it to make sure you like the position. Once you have the owl where you want it glue it in place. Glue the top of the wings to the owl body below the eyes. Then glue the bottom of the wings to the folded over part.

slouchy owl hat peek a boo owl hat No Sew Owl Hat DIY Simple Owl Hat DIY Owl Hat DIY With Store Bought Hat

Pardon my awkward posing, I usually like to stay out of my crafty pictures but I just had to show off how the hat looks on. Love how simple it was to add some personality to a plain cheap hat! Now I want to cover all of my winter stuff in owls. My blankets could use some owls! I also made a matching scarf. You can wear them separate or together!

DIY No Sew Owl Hat


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