Graduation Party Games

Graduation Games Penny Game

Graduation is such an exciting time and reason to celebrate! I remember how excited I was to graduate and move on to the next exciting stage of my life. I have some fun graduation party game ideas for both high school and college graduation parties. You don’t need anything too complicated or cheesy to have some fun at graduation. You can pick a couple games you like from the ideas I have that fit your crowd.

  1. Pennies. Bounce or throw a penny into a jar.
  2. Twister. Adults playing Twister is always fun!
  3. Yard games. Corn Hole and Giant Jenga are always a hit.
  4. DIY Yard Dice. Make large dice from large square boxes painted white if you want with dots drawn on with a sharpie.
  5. All about the grad game. Some one can ask the graduate questions about themselves like who was their favorite teacher, least favorite teacher, favorite spot at school, where they want to travel to, and what they wanted to beĀ as a kid when they grew up. Then everyone has to answer these questions to guess what the graduate would say, whoever gets the most right wins.
  6. Bed sheet volleyball. Use a bouncy ball, balloons, or an actually volleyball to play volley ball with a bed sheet as the net.
  7. Paper airplanes you are going places game. People have to make paper airplanes and fly them to see who gets them to travel the farthest.
  8. College essentials scavenger hunt! Go around to neighbors to find some of the essentials for college such as ramen, mac & cheese, crackers, and other college foods. You can get creative with funny items to find too.
  9. Pizza eating contest! Pizza is a big part of the college experience. See who can eat a slice or two of pizza the fastest.
  10. Pizza money game. Put money in a jar including dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies, then count how much it is. People have to guess how much it is. The winner gets to keep the money.
  11. Glow stick hide and seek. Nighttime hide and seek with each person getting a glow stick and hiding outdoors. You are never too old for hide and seek!
  12. Funny photo booth! Big sunglasses, boas, and fun stuff to take pictures with. It is not a game but still a fun activity and easy to put together.
  13. College or after college advice. This can be funny like a don’t do what I did with funny or embarrassing stories from guests.
  14. Kick school goodbye! Soccer with a fun bouncy ball. You can write subjects in school to kick.

Fun Graduation Party Games!

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