Mother’s Day Party Games

Balloons For Mother's Day Games

Mother’s Day might not be the biggest holiday for games,but why not? I know some fun moms that would love Mother’s Day games. Some of these are for the kids to do which helps to get out there energy and occupy them as well. Plus, they will be funny for the Moms to watch. These are all fun silly games that any friends or family can participate in. For kids or adults everyone will have fun with some games on Mother’s Day. You can pick a couple of the game ideas that you like and play them with the whole family.

  1. Laundry basket races: If you have more than one basket you can have two teams go at a time if not then time each team. One kid goes in the laundry basket and an adult has to push them from one end of a room to another. Fastest team wins!
  2. Laundry race! Each kid has a pile of laundry that they have to race from a room to bring to the laundry basket. Then they have to throw each piece into the basket. Last but not least they have to fold the laundry(always Mom’s favorite part!). Then run the basket of laundry back up to the room. Whoever does it the fastest wins. You can add extra obstacles or they have to do it while holding a baby doll/ stuffed animal like Mom would have to do.
  3. Don’t say mom: This game helps to give mom a break. No one can say mom, if they do they are out of the game. Everyone can wear mardi gras beads and you can steal the beads if someone says the word mom. 
  4. Who knows mom the best. Dad can ask Mom what her favorite color is, place to vacation, what she likes to do for fun, subject in school was, how old she was when she had kids, and more things about her. Then write down the answers. He will then ask the kids these questions and they can write down their answers. Kids can get to know mom better and if there are more than one kid who ever answers the most questions right wins.
  5. Draw mom. Kids have to draw a portrait of Mom. This can be done on paper of a plastic table cloth that can then be hung up for a picture backdrop!
  6. Wait on mom:Mom gets a bell when she rings it kids have to run to her with whatever she asks for. Whoever gets it the fastest wins.
  7. Mom fashion show: Kids can dress up in Mom’s clothes for a funny fashion show. Mom and kids could also walk a runway to music for a fun fashion show. adult pinata goodies
  8. Mom pinata: This is an idea I had last year. Fill a pinata with fun things for Mom’s including plastic wine bottles, tea bags, chocolate, lip gloss, lotion or other beauty products. Moms hit the pinata then collect a bag of goodies to take home! Balloons For Mother's Day Games
  9. Dance party: Mom gets to choose the music and dance with the kids. Who doesn’t like a fun dance party?! Add balloons for extra dance party fun.
  10. Momma’s late: A lot of moms have a hard time getting out the door with everything. Kids have to race around the house and find certain items to put in a bag to “get out the door”. Whoever does it the fastest wins. 
  11. Kids cook: Kids can help cook a simple food, if they are little they can have help from Dad or Grandpa. All kids have to cook the same item with their own spin on it then Mom taste tests and picks a winner. Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, or a simple dessert would be fun. It could also just be decorating a dessert or food.
  12. Pie face game: We have this game and it is really fun to play with family. If you don’t have the game you can just smoosh plates of whipped cream in someones face. Mom gets to do the smooshing maybe to Dad or the kids.

Mother's Day Party Games!

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