DIY Present Pinata and Mother’s Day Giveaway!

DIY Present Pinata and Mother's Day Giveaway

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner and so is Cinco De Mayo I had the crazy idea to combine the two. I have made one pinata before and I loved it so I wanted to make a pinata for Mother’s Day. This diy present pinata is a perfect present for moms. Plus there is a fun giveaway at the end of the post!

As a mom a lot is asked of you on a daily basis. You have to do a million jobs in a day every single day. Sometimes it can be really stressful! I constantly feel like I could use a massage, a spa day, some wine and some chocolate. I also think there is a certain kind of stress relief from hitting something. No, I don’t want to hit a person, I’m a lover not a fighter :). However, hitting a pinata is just a good time and yes, it feels good to hit something sometimes. Who doesn’t love hitting a pinata and why should kids have all of the fun?! If you don’t want to make a pinata you can buy one and fill it with goodies. However, this pretty diy present pinata is fun to make! You can make it in any colors that mom might like. You can also make this pinata for birthdays or any occasion. Every party can be a pinata party!

materials for pinata

What you need to make it:

cardboard box

exacto knife

masking tape



tissue paper in the colors of your choice(I used blue, light pink, pink and gold)

Putting together a pinata

Cut two square pieces of cardboard from a box. I cut the two squares from one side of a box. Then for the sides I used two pieces each equal to the two squares together. I folded the side pieces in half. Then taped the side to the inside bottom piece. Once both pieces are taped on the inside I flipped it over and taped the bottom as well. I didn’t bother making this part pretty because it wont show in the end. I would use a more neutral color of tape but I had blue. I say work with what your momma gave you or what your craft closet gave you ;). For the top cut a hole with the exacto knife to have room to put the goodies in.

tie ribbon

Before putting the top on poke two holes in the middle of the top piece an inch or two apart. Thread a piece of long ribbon through and tie it. You want it long enough to hang up. Tape the top on all around on each side.

Cut and add tissue paper

Cut pieces of tissue paper into about 1 1/2 inch strips. Then cut the bottom of each piece into fringe. You can fold the pieces up or layer them to cut them up and save time. Starting at the bottom glue and layer the strips of tissue paper overlapping them. Leave a small piece of each one showing on the bottom. Continue to the top of the box and cover it. Leave a small strip where the ribbon is on the top and leave the flap open to put items inside.

add gold tissue paper make bow on the top

On the bottom glue a square of tissue paper. Then tape a strip two inch strip of gold or any color tissue paper in the middle of each side. Make sure it is a long enough strip to wrap around to the top. Tape it on the top in the middle. Take another strip of gold tissue paper and fold it in thirds. Tie the ribbon around the middle. Then Spread out both sides into a bow shape.

pinata for fun mom mom pretty pinata goodies to fill an adult pinata diy present pinata present pinata adult pinata goodies tea, wine and beauty samples

You can really get creative with what to put in the pinata! I put tea, mini wines in plastic bottles(please, no glass bottles for a pinata), chocolate, salt water taffy and Beautycounter sample products. Plus fake flower petals for fun! You can customize it to the moms in your life. This is really fun to have at a Mother’s Day party.

And now for the giveaway! I am teaming up with my awesome sister at Chirpy Chatterbox to do a fun giveaway of Mom’s Time Out Bag for three lucky winners.

beauty bags time out giveaway

Each bag will include: a $10 Target gift card, Beautycounter sample pack, tea, chocolates, salt water taffy, and coloring pages.  Head on over to my sister’s blog to learn more about her awesome Beautycounter products: Mother’s Day Beautycounty Giveaway




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