Dollar Store Floating Tray

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet just like the tutorial for the post. I made this floating tray with dollar store and dollar section materials. I have to tell you this isn’t 100% an original idea because I saw something similar. However, this is a much easier way to make it. I saw a tray that was made with pool floats and it included a lot of cutting and gluing to make the finished product. I don’t know about you but when I’m hanging by the pool I want to be lazy and relax. That is why I made this simple dollar store floating tray. It includes just a simple round tray and round float. If you cant find the round float at the dollar store check the grocery store for just a simple small float.

I found a tray at the dollar store that was slightly deep to hold food or drinks. Take the tray and flip it over then flip over the tube. Push the tray into the tube making sure it fits in nicely. You can deflate the tube slightly if it doesn’t fit in. Then flip it over and fill with snacks and drinks. You can also put ice and drinks in to float along with you in the pool!

You can put any kind of prepackaged snacks and drinks in these trays. They work for kids and adults. Plus, add ice to make it a cooler! I love how simple it was to make this floating drink tray!

Dollar Store Floating Tray

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