DIY Seashell Wall Hanging

DIY Shell Wall Hanging

I recently moved close to the beach. For me that comes with the perk of being able to collect shells and use them for crafts. I found a ton of really pretty shells to turn into this pretty diy seashell wall hanging. I also worked with materials I had instead of getting anything from the craft store. If you are not close to a beach you can buy shells from the craft store or Amazon. They can also work outside for a shell wind chime. The shells make a pretty light sound when they touch. I want to bring some of the beach vibes inside our house. Now that I have a house I will probably do a few little easy home projects but I’m still sticking mostly to party do it yourself projects. Lets get started on this seashell wall hanging!

What you need:

seashells, at least 12

jute rope

a wooden dowel

hot glue gun

  1. If you are using shells from the beach soak them in bleach for a couple hours to removed any smell or ocean stuff(technical term;)). Then soak them in soapy water to get rid of the bleach.
  2. Take the wooden dowel and put hot glue on one end. Wrap the jute rope around the dowel.
  3. Continue to add more glue as you go across the wooden dowel. Until the wooden dowel is completely wrapped in the rope. Add extra glue on the ends to keep the rope from unraveling.
  4. Tie a piece of the rope about a foot long to each end. This piece will go on top and used to hang the wall hanging. 
  5. Tie 4 pieces of rope to the wooden dowel spread out evenly, each piece about a foot long. You can make the middle two slightly longer and add an extra shell to these for some dimension.
  6. Place the shells upside down evenly spread out under the rope. You will want to get them in the places you would like them to hang before you glue them.
  7. When they are positioned how you want them to hang glue a line of hot glue to the back of the shells in the middle. Then press the top firmly over the part with the glue. I used the edge of my scissors to press it down since I typically just burn myself with hot glue and decided not to this time haha.
  8. Continue with all of the shells. Then let the glue dry.

Simple DIY Seashell Wall Hanging with shells collected from the beach

I really love how this turned out especially with the different color shells from the ocean. I have a bunch of other shells that I have a feeling might lead to more shell projects. If you wanted to make one for a kids room just spray paint the shells a fun color and use colorful ribbon.

DIY Seashell Wall Hanging

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