DIY Unicorn Favor Bags

Unicorn Favor Bags

This week is all about the unicorns because they are awesome and I can never get enough unicorns! I made these adorable unicorn favor bags. You can use this technique to make unicorn gift bags as well. Who wouldn’t love a little gift dressed up as a unicorn. I have some other unicorn fun coming your way later this week but these bags are one of my favorites. I may have an obsession and I may be writing this while wearing my unicorn slippers. Unicorn parties are fun for kids and adults. One of these days I plan to have a unicorn brunch with lots of rainbow fun treats. I got these bags from the dollar store but you can use any white bags, although the handles on the bags worked really well for the ears. For the hair I used some rainbow metallic tissue paper from the party store for the hair. You can use colorful tissue paper as well.

What you need to make them:

metallic colorful tissue paper

white gift bags or favor bags

black sharpie

hot glue

gold shiny cardstock paper

  1. For the horn take a piece of gold card stock paper and cut a strip 2 inches thick, Roll it into a cone shape, cut off any extra parts, and glue the ends together.
  2. Use a hole puncher to punch two holes in the cone one on each side and put a ribbon through the holes.
  3. If the bag has handles cut them off and fold them in half.
  4. Then glue the ends together and glue the ends to the inside of one side of the bag at the top.
  5. Add goodies to the bag.
  6. Punch a hole in both sides of the bag on the top in the middle and put the ribbon attached to the horn through the holes. Tie it together in the back. 
  7. Take a couple strips of colorful tissue paper and glue them to the top of the bag in the front and the back if you want it in back too.
  8. Draw eyes and a nose on the front with a sharpie or pen like shown above.
  9. Then you are all done.

Cute Unicorn Favor Bag Adorable DIY Unicorn Favor Bag

These diy unicorn favor bags turned out so cute. I will definitely be using them for any occasion possible!

DIY Unicorn Favor Bags

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