Unicorn Party Games

Unicorn parties are really in right now but what do you do for unicorn party games? Luckily unicorns are wonderful, colorful, majestic creatures that come with a lot of creativity! I think unicorns would be all about the unicorn games and your little unicorns will love these unicorn party games! I usually pick one or two games that are easy to put together and for kids to play. Kids love games but you don’t want to go too crazy with games. A few will do. If you need some ideas for unicorn games you are in luck because I have been cooking up some ideas in my weird unicorn brain! I don’t know about you but I love unicorns just as much as my daughter and it is one of my favorite party themes at the moment. Lets get started with the unicorn game ideas!

  1. Unicorn horn laso. As seen above lasso a unicorn with a ring attached to ribbon. Lasso a party hat unicorn horn.
  2. Rainbow unicorn treat decorating. This is more activity than game but it will keep the kids entertained. Kids can add sprinkles, rainbow frosting, and colorful chocolates to unicorn treats to decorate them or to make plain cupcakes into a unicorn treat.
  3. Pin the horn on the unicorn. Get a unicorn poster and cut out gold paper horns to pin on the poster. It is easy to put together and a fun game for everyone. 
  4. Unicorn horn ring toss. This can be even more fun with glow necklace rings to toss around party hats.
  5. Unicorn piñata. This is fun because it can be filled with colorful candy to go with the unicorn theme.
  6. Cloud mouth! See who can put the most marshmallows in their mouth and still say unicorn. The marshmallows can be called unicorn clouds. It’s a fun and silly, easy game.
  7. Hungry hungry unicorn. Make cups into unicorns by drawing a unicorn face on the side. Then see which one can collect the most marshmallows that are in a pile in the middle. People can have a certain amount of time to collect them all at the same time.
  8. Unicorn magic tag! One person is the unicorn and they can tag others to turn them into a unicorn.
  9. Unicorn races. Make paper plate unicorns and toss them to see which one can go the farthest.
  10. Guess the number of colorful candy in a jar and the winner gets to keep the candy.
  11. Paint a unicorn!
  12. Unicorn pool noodle races. Make unicorns out of pool noodles and have them race!

Unicorn Party Games

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