Elf Snacks Gift Jar

Adorable Elf Snacks I’m sure the elves are already busy making toys! Do they make them year round? Well this has to be their busiest time of year and they deserve some sweet elf snacks. Plus, your friends and family also deserve elf snacks. I made these simple holiday treats and gift jar that make the perfect easy food gift. I used mini marshmallows dipped in chocolate to make small enough treats for an elf. Plus, you can’t feel guilty about eating sweets when they are in tiny bites like this. That is just a fact! I was originally going to make little sugar cookies for elf snacks but it was hard to get good cookies that were tiny enough for elves. These chocolate covered mini marshmallows are waaaayyy easier to make than cookies and the perfect little treats. I made elf printables for the jar you can use some or all of them on a jar of elf snacks. What you need for the jars: mason jars green paint(optional) tape scissors ELF PRINTABLES and white card stock paper For the elf marshmallow snacks: mini marshmallows melting candy wafers or candy melts in red, green, or white(2 colors are good for the sizzling on top) sprinkles in any holiday colors

  1. Melt chocolate melts or wafers in the microwave or on the stove on a double broiler.
  2. Dip marshmallows in the chocolate by placing them on a toothpick and dipping them.
  3. Line them up on a sheet of parchment paper to dry. 
  4. Melt a second color of chocolate and drizzle it over the marshmallows with a fork. A fork gives smaller drizzles than a spoon.
  5. Then add sprinkles.

  1. Tape the belt on the middle of the jar.
  2. Tape the legs underneath the jar.
  3. Paint the lid green. Then add the hat and ears if wanted with hot glue. I realize I made the ears ridiculously big. If you want them smaller just use the center part of the ears. Although the giant ones are kind of funny!

Elf Snacks and Snack Jar Printables Elf snacks mason jar gift Adorable Elf Snacks Gift Jar for Christmas I love these cute jars, the elf snacks are so tasty, and it all looks cute! It’s a great, easy food gift to give to friends or family.

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