DIY Monster Lights

I’m getting in to the Halloween spirit now that it is finally October. Although, it still feels like summer here it’s time for Halloween crafts, spooky fun, and of course Halloween candy! This week is all about monsters. I’m going more for the cute and cuddly kind of monsters not scary monsters. Honestly I don’t know how to make scary crafts I only do the bright color cute stuff. I also have always loved making things with googley eyes! Who doesn’t love silly fun googley eyes? This project is super simple with just googley eyes and the electric votive lights. You can glue the eyes all over, just around the top or bottom, or just two eyes looking at you. They might stare at you a little but they are cute as can be. I used colorful googley eyes to give it some extra fun. You can put them on a plate with a bunch of extra googley eyes surrounding the lights for decorations.
What you need to make googley eye Halloween lights:
Electric tea light/votives
Googley eyes, a variety pack of colors and sizes
Hot glue, if you are making them with kids use a different kind of glue
1. Starting around the top edge glue eyes on one by one.
2. Continue to glue them around to the bottom. You can cover the entire lights or just some like I did.
2. That’s all there is to it! Wait for night and turn them on!
I mostly just got daytime pictures because it was harder to see the nighttime pictures but trust me they look really cute when the lights are on at night. You can see some of the colors of the eyes but the colors show off best in the day. They are cute glowing and staring at you with all of their eyes! You can make a bunch and line them all up in a row on a table or spread them out throughout a room. They are just too too cute!
DIY Monster Lights

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