Diy marble ornament


I love the marble trend trend and ornaments are the most fun to marble! There are different ways to marble but this technique is easy and fun to do with kids. This one I made solo but my daughter joined me for galaxy ornament decorating. The key with these diy marble ornaments is to have at least 3 colors. I would say 3-4 colors are best. Also to make sure it is rotated enough to cover the clear spots. I could see these being fun for a girls night with friends or play date with kids. Also, as a diy craft for a Christmas party.

what you need to make them:

clear ornament(you can buy them in bulk or just a few from dollar tree)

paint in your choice of 3 colors(these are white, pink, and blue)

a plastic cup or egg carton to place it in to dry

1. Remove top of clear ornament. Squeeze one color of paint in the clear ornament rotating the ornament around as you go. Have it spread out throughout the ornament.

2. Add a second color in the same type of pattern. Then add the last color. There will still be some clear spots but add more paint if there are too many.

3. Rotate the ornament around in a circle sideways. Then flip it upside down continuing to slowly rotate the ornament. It will take some time to fill in the blank spots. Added fun with kids  tape the top so no paint gets out and spin it around!

4. Let the ornaments dry overnight upside down in a plastic cup or egg carton.

5. When it’s dry put the top on and voila!



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Hi I'm Val! I love making simple crafts with my kids using free printable templates. Come craft with us!

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