Printable Pumpkin Template

pumpkin outlines and templates

Printable Pumpkin Template


Fall is a great time for crafting and what better to craft than pumpkins! Here you will find free printable pumpkin templates. These include outlines and different pumpkin designs. I will admit pumpkin carving is not my jam but pumpkin crafting with paper is right up my alley.

All of the pumpkin patterns come in large pumpkins, medium pumpkins, and small pumpkins. Use the different sizes for crafting or planning out your pumpkin carvings. It is always good to draw out your designs before carving. The templates are great to use for all skill levels from young kids to adults.

If you are having a halloween party there are colored in pumpkin options for making party decorations. They are also great for decorating a bulletin board in a classroom.

Below you will find the pumpkin printables and I will give you ideas for ways to use the pumpkins for fall crafts. There are a variety of pumpkin to choose from for different projects. If you are wanting other fall season free templates I have apples, trees, and leaves. Have a full month of fall fun for kids crafts and learning.

Use these templates for party decorations, classroom decorations, kids crafts, stencils, and more. They can even be used for pumpkin carving planning and getting ready for the Halloween season. Use your creativity for using the simple pumpkin outlines for Halloween.

Different Pumpkin Shapes


The first printable templates you will find simple round pumpkin outlines. These are very versatile because it just gives the outside shape of the pumpkin. There are a few outlines to choose from. All of them are in small, medium, and large sizes.

Small Pumpkin Outline: CLICK HERE, Medium: CLICK HERE, Large: CLICK HERE

pumpkin outline for crafts

The second pumpkin template outline includes lines on the pumpkin shape. This is great for coloring and crafting.

Small Pumpkin Template: CLICK HERE, Medium: CLICK HERE, Large: CLICK HERE

pumpkin template for crafts

Then there is a taller pumpkin option. This one gives more space on the pumpkin surface. This is great to use for a halloween stencil or halloween painting.

Small Tall Pumpkin Template: CLICK HERE, Medium: CLICK HERE, Large: CLICK HERE

tall pumpkin template

Next you will find jack o lantern Halloween pumpkin templates. If you want a Halloween spirit pumpkin this is a great option.

Build a Jack O Lantern: CLICK HERE

build a jack o lantern fun halloween craft

If you want the face separate there is an option small triangle and large triangle pieces to add on and build a pumpkin! This is a great activity for working on kids fine motor skills.

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

The templates are great for crafting and decorating. Here you will find some basic pumpkin coloring pages. These are easy to color in with just markers, colored pencils, and crayons. They can also be used for painting with watercolors. For painting make sure to use cardstock paper.

Here is a simple jack o lantern coloring page for a little spooky Halloween fun. This is a fun coloring page for kids of all ages. It is a fun activity in a classroom, at home, or at a Halloween party.


jack o lantern coloring page

Another coloring page is a cute silly pumpkin with big eyes.


silly pumpkin coloring page

Pumpkin Craft Ideas

These pumpkin templates are perfect for using in the fall months for craft projects, coloring, and decorations. Here are a few fun ideas for ways to use them for fall crafts and Halloween crafts.

First why not use real pumpkins to paint the pumpkin templates! Buy small real pumpkins from the store and dip them in paint. You can also use gourds. Then use the pumpkin like a stamp on the pumpkin template. This is a fun way for kids to paint and easy for young kids.

Another fun fall material to use is leaves! Use real or fake leaves to paint. Add them to a stick to make a full nature paint brush or just press them in paint. Then press them on to the pumpkin template. It is a great way to paint with kids.

Use the leaves to glue on the template. Either use pieces of leaves or whole leaves as a craft material. It’s fun for kids to use materials from the world around them. This adds to the activity by going out to collect leaves for the project.

Make spooky fun faces on the pumpkins. Use the template above with jack o lantern face pieces. Build your own pumpkin with these faces. Add googly eyes on top if you want it to be extra fun.

Draw designs on the blank pumpkin templates. This one lets kids use their creativity and make the pumpkin how they want. Draw spooky faces, funny faces, or a simple pumpkin pattern.

Make pumpkin paintings. Tape the simple outline template on to a canvas. You can get cheap canvas at the dollar store for a group of kids. Then kids can paint around the template and make a pumpkin shape. Remove the template and they can paint the center pumpkin orange.

Pumpkin seed craft. Dye pumpkin seeds by putting them in bags with different colors of food coloring. Get the seeds completely covered with color. Then take them out to dry on a pieces of parchment paper or on a paper plate. Then glue the colorful pumpkin seeds on to the pumpkin template

Plan out your pumpkin carving by drawing your design on the free pumpkin templates. This lets you practice your pumpkin carving before you start on the pumpkin.

Supplies Needed

Pdf files for personal use, non-commercial use

Home printer or send it to a print shop

White printer or cardstock paper

Orange, brown, green, and black construction paper. You can just use orange paper if you want to draw on the stem. Cardstock is another great type of paper to use for crafting.

Optional: pipe cleaners, pom poms, tissue paper, and googly eyes.


Glue stick or white glue

I hope you had fun crafting with pumpkins and found some fun inspiration for your pumpkin craft projects! The great thing about these templates is how you can pick the one for the type of craft you need and you really don’t need any crafting skills when using templates. Half of the work is already done for you! Happy Halloween!

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