Free Printable Scarecrow Craft Templates

free printable scarecrow templates for crafts and parties

Printable Scarecrow Body Template


Are you looking for some fun fall crafts to make with kids? Look no further! This adorable free printable scarecrow template is the perfect simple craft to make with kids this fall season. All you have to do is pick your template, it’s like pick your own adventure! Then download the digital file for the template, and print it out. Kids will love making their own scarecrow.

These templates are perfect for kids of all ages, especially young kids. The free printable template makes it extra easy to make a scarecrow. It has thick lines to help young kids to color in the lines and cut along the outline. Teachers you can use the craft templates with a lesson plan or to decorate a bulletin board. Parents can use the templates at home with your kids.

These easy and cute scarecrow crafts are great for younger children. The fall scarecrow is a great way for kids to learn about the fall season and get excited for all things fall! Use the templates to help kids work on fine motor skills by cutting, coloring, and gluing. Read a book about scarecrows to go with the craft. Use the free template with a fall learning unit. I love a good theme and fall is such a fun theme. Plus, it is probably the best time of year! The air is crisp and the leaves are falling!

These craft templates are great for a fall craft, Halloween activities, party decorations or getting ready to go to the pumpkin patch. Paper crafts are easy and fun for kids.

7 Free Printable Scarecrow Templates


First is just an outline of a scarecrow. This can be used for a painting project, coloring, or used as a stencil. Draw on a face with black marker and use googly eyes. Then you have a fun scarecrow! This is great for a project with a group of kids.

CLICK HERE for the scarecrow outline

scarecrow simple outline

The outline comes in a medium size as well with 4 scarecrows on a paper. Great for making banners, bulletin board decorations, and fall crafts. Make them into puppets by adding a popsicle stick.

CLICK HERE for the scarecrow outline in a medium size.

medium size scarecrow outline

Finally there is a different colorful scarecrow in a medium size. It just depends on what kind of scarecrow you need. This is fun for putting on a painting background of fall colors. Even for small party decorations such as cupcake toppers.

CLICK HERE for the small scarecrow outlines.

free printable medium scarecrow colorful

Next is a scarecrow outline with a face drawn on. This template is great for an easy craft with kids. Add tissue paper, color in the template, and you have a simple scarecrow.

CLICK HERE for the color in outline.

scarecrow coloring page free printable

Need a cute scarecrow hat/headband? This is an adorable craft and it works great for a fall party hat! Kids love a hat craft and this is the perfect craft for fall.

CLICK HERE for the scarecrow headband.

free printable scarecrow headband

The next version is a simple cut and paste template. This is such an easy craft for kids to cut out the pieces and glue them together. It is a fun scarecrow craft that young kids can make and make a completed scarecrow. Put the scarecrow on a popsicle stick to make a scarecrow puppet.

CLICK HERE for the cut and paste scarecrow craft.

colorful build a scarecrow free printable

This version is like the last one but it is a color in version. Kids can color it in with colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

CLICK HERE for the coloring build a scarecrow craft.

coloring build scarecrow free printable


Craft Supplies to make a Simple Scarecrow Craft

Pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use. You can use it a bunch of times to print!

Home printer or print at a print shop

White cardstock paper

Optional: colorful card stock or construction paper


Glue stick

Download the pdf file, to do so you will need a pdf reader to get the file. Use one scarecrow or all of them.

Print out the template that works best for you and your scarecrow activities. Use white card stock paper for painting or using a bunch of glue. If you are coloring or tracing with the template printing on white printer paper works.

If you are coloring or painting the template you can do that directly on the sheet of paper.

Then cut out the separate pieces. For the building a scarecrow use the template to trace the pieces on construction paper or colorful cardstock paper.

Now it is time to glue pieces together. Glue the printable scarecrow craft together. Start with the top of the body. Then glue the pant legs on next. Then add the head in front of the top part of the body and the scarecrow’s hat add on top of the head.

Instead of gluing the pieces together you can punch a hole in the area connecting the arms and legs to the body. Punch a hole on both sides of the body then both sides of the bottom part of the body where the legs connect. Then enter brad pins into each arm and leg closing the brad behind them. This will make the arms and legs move so you can have a dancing scarecrow!

The scarecrows can then be added to a piece of paper for the background or turned into a puppet. Add a fun pumpkin patch scene in the background. Kids can draw or paint fall colors on the background paper. For the background you can use cardstock, printer, or construction paper. I tend to use the paper I have on hand.

Now you have some cute and happy scarecrows!

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