mini bacon pinata

Bacon Pinata

Bacon Pinata. Fun for parties and Father's Day.

Who doesn’t love bacon?! Besides vegetarians(sorry vegetarians this post is not for you). I don’t know too many people that don’t love bacon. I personally love all breakfast/brunch foods better than other foods. I could do brunch every day and breakfast for dinner every day! We do breakfast for dinner a lot and that has to include some bacon. I made this mini bacon pinata and I think it turned out adorable. You can use the same technique to make a larger bacon pinata or you could make it even tinier. For little ones just fill them with small candy. For the larger ones you can fill them with candy and mini plastic drink bottles. I’m assuming this pinata would be appealing to the adult crowd more than the kid crowd. Adults need more pinatas in there life. I think adults need to hit something and eat some candy more than kids ;). I’ve seen hamburger pinatas in stores but not bacon. read more

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