Bacon Pinata

Bacon Pinata. Fun for parties and Father's Day.

Who doesn’t love bacon?! Besides vegetarians(sorry vegetarians this post is not for you). I don’t know too many people that don’t love bacon. I personally love all breakfast/brunch foods better than other foods. I could do brunch every day and breakfast for dinner every day! We do breakfast for dinner a lot and that has to include some bacon. I made this mini bacon pinata and I think it turned out adorable. You can use the same technique to make a larger bacon pinata or you could make it even tinier. For little ones just fill them with small candy. For the larger ones you can fill them with candy and mini plastic drink bottles. I’m assuming this pinata would be appealing to the adult crowd more than the kid crowd. Adults need more pinatas in there life. I think adults need to hit something and eat some candy more than kids ;). I’ve seen hamburger pinatas in stores but not bacon.

What you need to make a bacon pinata:

rectangle cardboard box

masking tape

exacto knife

red and white tissue paper



Pinata Materials

Take a cardboard box and cut with an exacto knife or sharp scissors two rectangular pieces and three narrower rectangular pieces. With the narrow pieces being the same length but 1/2 to 1/3 the width of the larger rectangles. For a large pinata use the sides of a large rectangle cardboard box and for a mini use the ends or a small box. (If you have the right size box you can just tape it up and use the entire box to make it easier.)

Not pictured: On what will be the top of one side with an exacto knife cut out a square piece with the bottom side still attached. This is where you will put the candy in make sure it is big enough to fit everything you want into the pinata. For what will be the top piece punch two holes an inch or two apart and string ribbon through them. Leave a long piece of ribbon on top to hang the pinata.

Tape the small strips along the edges on top of one of the rectangles with scotch tape. Cut one of the small pieces in half for the top and bottom. I used a bunch of small pieces of tape and longer pieces of tape all the way across the seam. I wanted to make sure it was taped on good haha. For a mini you can use just the long pieces along the seam but with a larger one you might want it more secure and add extra tape since it will hold more. Then tape the top piece on with tape along all of the sides.


covering pinata

Take the red tissue paper and cut it in thirds along the longer side. Fold those pieces still lengthwise across down until it is a small 1 inch strip about the length of your fingertip. Fold the piece in half once or twice so you don’t have to do as much cutting. Then fringe the bottom leaving about a 1/3 at the top not fringed. Then along the top folded part cut. Take the fringed pieces and glue it onto the box. Starting at the bottom working all the way to the top. Have the piece overlap to only show the fringed part as shown above. Glue rectangular red pieces of tissue paper onto the top and bottom to cover these areas. Cut a few pieces of white tissue paper in a long squiggly piece(technical term). Glue them on top of the red fringed pieces slightly spread out. You only need a small amount of glue for this, I used a little too much and it showed through the tissue paper. Just a few spread out dots of glue will do.

little bacon pinata mini bacon pinata bacon pinata fun little bacon pinata  mini bacon pinata filled with candy



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