15 Easy Birthday Morning Surprises for Kids

15 Easy Birthday Morning Surprises For Kids!

Every year for my daughters birthday I want to have something special waiting for her when she wakes up. This is complicated by the fact that I am not a morning person and my ability to accomplish anything early is nonexistent. That is why I wanted to come up with some simple birthday surprises. These 15 easy birthday morning surprises for kids work perfectly for the half ass moms like myself. It is a badge I wear proudly because you can’t do it all all the time. Plus, with birthday parties getting more and more extravagant birthday mornings have to be simple. I love to make things for parties but for my daughters birthday this year I am keeping it simple. Its nice to give yourself a break sometimes and keep birthdays easy. Although if you want to go big I have some ideas for that too ;). Do one or more of these ideas for your kid and they will have a memorable birthday morning!

Here are 15 easy birthday morning surprises for kids:

  1. Fun breakfast! You can make simple pancakes, pour melted frosting on top and add some sprinkles, bam! This can all be accomplished simply with frozen or prepackaged ingredients. Donuts are another great morning breakfast idea because well do I need to explain the joy of donuts?! Ice cream for breakfast is also a fun and simple idea.
  2. Balloons! I’m sure some of you have seen the balloons stuck to the door with streamers or plastic wrap so when the kid opens the door they all fall into their room. This is a really cool idea but I envision it being way more complicated than it looks. Balloons don’t like to stay in one place, they would probably try to squirm away and I would be yelling at balloons like a crazy person. I refuse to let a piece of plastic defeat me! You can fill a kids room with balloons while they sleep, just throw them on the floor or spread them around the house. You can also have them blown up(just use high float), put them in a box and they will fly out when they open it!
  3. Flowers! My daughter really wanted pink flowers for her birthday this year so I surprised her with some pink carnations(cheap and easy). I had them for her when I picked her up from school. You can spread surprises throughout the day or have them in the morning.
  4. Streamers! Hang up streamers all over the place. The fun thing with streamers is I think they look good when they are messy all over in random places. Kind of like teepeeing, wasn’t that the most fun thing to do as a kid teepee someones house. I hope kids still do that(mine isn’t at that age yet).
  5. Little toys. If you are doing bigger presents later with family or at a birthday party have a few fun little toys(dollar section) for your kid ready to unwrap.
  6. The Christmas! Have a big pile of presents ready to unwrap. I think it would be fun to have them all wrapped up in wrapping paper together so it looks like one giant present.
  7. The Hanukkah! Have little presents as a surprise each day for the week of your kids birthday. This is a fun and easy way to keep the excitement going.
  8. Crafts and cards! If you have other kids or if your kid has cousins put them to work making cute crafts and cards for the birthday kid.
  9. Craft project! Have a special birthday craft project with something your kid loves to do like painting a birthday “cake”(this can be a cardboard box). Just make it all about them and what they love to make. Have it set up the night before after they go to sleep then they can make it in the morning while mom has some coffee ;).
  10. Party hats, noise makers/blowers and confetti! Put on those party hats, throw some confetti and make some noise! I know confetti can be messy so try larger confetti that’s easier to clean up or put down a plastic tablecloth for confetti throwing area.
  11. Dance party! I love a morning and all day dance party. I really love to dance, sadly I was not blessed with any rhythm so my dancing is best kept at home. You can play birthday songs or anything upbeat to get the dancing going. It is a great way to wake up and an easy fun surprise!
  12. Mystery adventures! You can have numbers 1 2 and 3 written on a bag or box. Inside is the adventure you will do for the day. Whichever one they choose is the activity you will do. If there is something they really want to do then it can be the same in all of them don’t worry I wont tell ;). It doesn’t have to be anything big it can be little adventures.
  13. Treasure hunt! This is something I do with my daughter all the time for fun. We have “treasure”(coins in a box haha) that I will hide in different places throughout the house for her to find. I give her hints about where to find the treasure. It’s the same treasure every time but she just loves to find it. All you need is a box or bag and some coins. You can also draw a simple treasure map.
  14. Scavenger hunt! Have presents hidden throughout the house for your kid to find. You can also get neighbors involved and have them go to different houses to collect presents.
  15. Birthday notes! Depending on the age of your kid you can leave colorful post-it notes with why they are awesome all around the house. You can also just have cute pictures on them if they are younger. You can use mirror safe markers to draw happy birthday or pictures on the mirrors or windows.

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