Beach Sandals Cupcakes

Beach Sandals Cupcakes. A fun dessert for summer and beach themed celebrations

I’m in serious need of some beach time. I’m sure we all are, am I right?! I used to live in San Diego but now I live in Phoenix. When it gets to this time of year I miss the beach. I just want to put my feet in the sand. For now I will have to settle for a pool. Even if I can’t get the real thing it is a great time of year for beach themed parties. These beach sandals cupcakes are perfect for summer and beach parties. They’re simple to make and you can bring the beach to you! I just love making(eating) cupcakes and needed to get my cupcake fix.

What you need to make these cute beach sandals cupcakes:

graham cracker crumbs

plain cupcake

white frosting

candy melts in 2 bright colors

colorful heart, circle or flower sprinkles(whatever you have/prefer)

First you will frost the cupcakes with white frosting. Then dip the whole top of the cupcake in a bowl of graham cracker crumbs. I didn’t show this part because I know you smarty pants can figure it out ;).

Cut off edges of candy melts put melts on cupcake put edges of melt onto other color candy melt

Take the two different color candy melts and cut off the edge of both sides. Just cut a small sliver as shown above. Take two of the candy melt pieces and put them on top of a cupcake. You can put a dab of melted candy melts on the cupcake with a spoon or lollipop stick where you are going to place the unmelted candy melt pieces. This will get them to stay in place. Take the other color and use the slivers of that color to put on top of the larger candy melt pieces. Place two of the slivers at an angle making a point together at the middle top of the cupcake. I put a dab of melted candy melts on with a lollipop stick before putting the slivers on to keep them in place. You can break off any extra of the sliver that hangs over the edge of the big candy melt. Then I added a heart sprinkle on top in the middle for decoration. Put a dot of the candy melt on the top in the middle with a lollipop stick(you can use a small fork or spoon if you don’t have lollipop sticks). Then place the sprinkle on top. I used heart sprinkles but flowers would be cute too!

sandal summer cupcakes  sandal cupcakes sandals and sand cupcakes bright candy sandals cupcakes little sandal cupcake toppers

I love these tiny flip flops! I basically live in flip flops and I just had to make them in candy form. Everything’s better in dessert form ;). You could really do any colors but these bright colors are perfect for summer.


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