Pink Pool Float S’mores

Pink Pool Float S'mores are a fun dessert for summer!

If you have visited my blog you probably know that I like to make some random things. I just have weird ideas pop into my head and try to make them. That is basically my blog in a nutshell. I wanted to make some s’mores because s’mores are always a fun summer dessert but I had to make the s’mores into something cute. These pink pool float s’mores are really adorable for summer parties. These are like the old school pool floats not the new fancy ones. I like the new donut pool floats because donuts but I have a special place in my heart for the older pool floats. The ones as a kid we used to make into a ride with pretend shark attacks. I don’t know if that is a thing my sister and I just did or if everyone did that as a kid. Anyways these are really cute and easy to make for pool parties!

s'more ingredients

What you need to make them:

graham crackers


pink candy melts(you can do different colors I just chose pink)

rip marshmallow in half put marshmallow on graham cracker marshmallow stuck to graham cracker

Rip a marshmallow in half lengthwise. Break graham crackers, along the precut lines, into small rectangular pieces. Firmly press the marshmallow onto one end of the graham cracker. It should stick on.

dip graham crackers in chocolate place them spread out to dry

Set aside a handful of unmelted candy melts and melt the rest. Dip the marshmallow side into a bowl of melted candy melts. Gently shake off any excess candy melts into the bowl. Place it on a paper plate or on parchment paper to dry. You can use a toothpick to smooth out the top and edges if it is too bumpy.

small circles in candy melts small circle of cand melt put circles on graham crackers

In unmelted candy melts make small circles with a round cupcake decorating tip. Then put four of the circles on each s’more. These are supposed to look like the little holes in the floats. They could work for lego desserts too! Let them dry.pool float s'mores \ s'mores that look like pink pool floats summer party s'mores little pink pool float s'mores

They just crack my up, such a cute pool party dessert. These little pink pool float s’mores will be devoured in seconds. Not only are they cute but tasty too!




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