Candy Fall Trees

Candy Fall Trees easy to make desserts for a fall party or just for a fun fall treat! - Val Event Gal

I am so ready for it to feel like fall. I live in Phoenix, Arizona where we don’t exactly have seasons. There is the hot season and nice season. “Fall” doesn’t really happen, we don’t get a lot of changing leaves. When I lived in California the street I lived in had a ton of changing leaves in October. I really miss taking walks down that street with all the beautiful colors. I would still like to pretend it is fallish here. The weather is finally getting a bit nicer out and as soon as I can I will bring out the fall wardrobe. I love cozy clothes scarfs, boots, and baggy sweaters. Yay, it is almost that time, once it drops below 90 degrees! I am getting in the fall mood with these cute candy fall trees. They are adorable and just made out of candy. read more

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