Cinderella Printable

Cinderella Printable- A dream is a wish your heart makes

Having a kid makes me very nostalgic. I love watching the older Disney movies with my daughter that I loved when I was a kid. I also love all of the music. My daughter Keira could do without me singing along to all of the songs but I can’t help it! A dream is a wish your heart makes is my favorite song from Cinderella. The words still ring true as an adult. Adults don’t listen to their dreams and hearts as much as children. I definitely have been working on recapturing some of myself and childlike spirit. My daughter has brought that out in me a lot and it really is the best to re-experience some of the joys of childhood through your child. OK enough of the cheesiness, I told you I get nostalgic! This Cinderella printable is great for a bedroom decoration or a Cinderella party. Maybe next to the pretty Cinderella slipper cupcakes ;), if you haven’t seen them yet check them out so much sparkly goodness! I put one of these printables in my room and in my daughters room. I have not seen the new Cinderella movie but it is on my list to see. I absolutely love the dress with all the butterflies, my daughter got a new Cinderella dress. This is her third Cinderella dress that is how much she loves the character. The first Halloween that Keira got to choose her own costume she dressed up as Cinderella.

A dream is a wish your heart makes printable

Get the printable here for a Cinderella party or just for fun:


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