Mermaid Party Favors with free printable tags

Mermaid Party Favors with free printable gift tags perfect for a mermaid party! - Val Event Gal

When I was a kid I basically thought I was a mermaid. I loved to swim and would put a ring around my feet to keep them together like a mermaid tail. Anyone else do this? When you live in Arizona as a kid you are basically a mermaid living in the water half the year. It is disappointing when you grow up and realize you will never actually be a mermaid. Thanks mom and dad, you told me I could grow up to be anything I wanted to be! While I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be a mermaid I have not given up on sparkles and mermaid party fun! This weeks theme is mermaids! I am bringing the mermaid party fun starting with these adorable underwater mermaid party favors with printable gift tags. I am a little late starting this week since my daughter just started school again and I am getting back in a routine. School seems to start earlier every year. I promise I will get better in the coming weeks, I have some fun things planned! Yes, I am a creative type and sticking to a schedule is tricky when you are on mermaid time(I’m guessing mermaids are on a relaxed schedule). These mermaid magic jars are so easy to make and are a perfect mermaid party favor! Kind of like a snow globe but with glitter and under the sea creatures.


What you need:

small jars mason (small mason jars would work really well too I just saw some at the grocery store with purple lids that would work perfect!)

glitter in some shade of blue (you could really do any color you want)

glitter glue, clear glue or glycerine (optional but it slows everything down when you shake it up)

underwater animal beads or small shells

hot glue (not pictured)

IMG_6036 IMG_6038 IMG_6042 IMG_6045

Put the beads in the jar. I put about 5 or 6 in each jar. Add about a spoonful of the glitter and three squeezes of glitter glue. You don’t want too much glitter glue because the water will get foggy. Fill the jar with water almost all the way to the top. You can then glue the top on with hot glue or around the edge to make sure it is secure and wont leak. Then if you are my daughter you will dump out the glitter on the table and stick your hands in it making a huge mess!

IMG_6052 IMG_6054

Print out the gift tags, punch a hole in one side and tie on with ribbon.

IMG_6059IMG_6081 IMG_6065


Here are the printable gift tags:


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