Princess Party Games

Princess Party Games! Make your princess party extra fun with all of these easy princess party games

Every princess needs a princess party and every princess party needs fun games! You also want your games to be easy to put together. These games are for a range of ages. For the little little ones some might be too complicated but there is something for everyone. Makes me want to throw a princess party for myself! I did go to an adult princess party one time and it was awesome! My costume was The Little Mermaid because that is my favorite princess movie. My daughter is more partial to Frozen and her favorite princess right now is actually Princess Leia from Star Wars. The best thing about a princess party in my opinion is there are so many princesses to choose from. You can have it focused on one princess or have them all! You can use these ideas for any type of princess party from Frozen to Cinderella or all the princesses together. There can never be too many princesses at a party!

The party games for princesses are:

Princess dresses for dress up game

Princess dress up can be made in to a game. Make it a race with teams. Have a place with the dresses, jewelry and crowns. One player from each team has to run to the dress up spot then put on a dress, jewelry and crown then run back to their team. Then the next person on the team will put on the costume and run back to the dress up spot, take it off there, leave it for the next player and run back. Whichever team finishes first wins.

Princess dress fashion show or parade! Tell guests to come dressed as their favorite princess. Have the princesses walk the “runway” and an adult can emcee describing their outfit or say funny things. The princesses can dance down the runway or do their best runway walk. All you need is a little path for them to walk down. If you don’t want a fashion show make it a parade where everyone walks together with music playing. Give the princesses some beads, candy, or confetti for them to throw. Parades are more fun with something to throw!

Streamer princess dress making

Streamer dress making game. Break in to teams each with a different color roll of streamers. You can purple for Rapunzel, pink for Sleeping Beauty, blue for Elsa or each team can come up with a team name. The team picks one person to wrap up in the streamer dress. Whoever wraps up their person in the streamers the fastest wins. You can also have them make different styles of dresses with the streamers and give points for style. The streamer dresses would work in a princess parade as well.

Pin the crown on the princessTry to get the princess crown on the princesses head

Pin the crown on the princess. Use a poster of any princess, I think this poster is from Target or Toys R Us. Cut out crown shapes from cardstock or glitter paper and add double sided tape to the back. Then everyone has to try to pin the crown on the princesses head with a blindfold on.

Pinatas. Princess pinatas are always a good time and a crowd pleaser!

Unfreeze the princesses. Take small princess figurines and freeze them in large ice cubes. This one works great for Frozen parties. Put them on separate paper plates. Then fill squirt guns with warm water and have the princess face off in trying to melt the ice. Have a bucket of warm water for refills. The first one to melt the ice wins! This is best as an outdoor game.

Princess freeze dance with music playing from princess movies. The little princesses and princes dance to the music. Stop the music and they have to freeze. It’s an easy fun game for all. Who doesn’t like dancing?!

Hot potato princess. Pass around a princess doll while the music plays and when the songs over whoever has the princess is out.

Decorating crowns. You can make simple crowns out of pipe cleaners like these ones here: pipe cleaner crowns add beads for extra fun! Decorate simple paper crowns with sequins or stickers.

Guess the princess. Print out pictures of Disney princesses. Tape the pictures to guests backs. Take turns giving hints to the person, without saying the name of the princess, and the person guesses what princess is taped to their back.

The birthday princess is guaranteed to love one or all of these princess party games!



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