DIY Mini Wreath Ornament

mini wreath ornament diy

It is about that time to start decorating the Christmas tree. Officially in two days it is acceptable to get into the Christmas spirit, blast Christmas music and bring out all of the decorations. I started slightly early but I am just ready for Christmas time! It’s fun to decorate for and Christmas crafts are the best. These little diy mini wreath ornament were really easy to make. You can put them on the tree or make a mini wreath garland! I got all of the supplies from the dollar store.

wreath materials

What you need:

Christmas tree branches

fake berry branches in red or silver, you can use the glittery or solid kind

glitter spray paint or glitter glue(optional)

glue gun


ribbon or jute rope

twist branch in circle glue on berries glue on the other side tie ribbon on

  1. If you are going to add the glitter spray paint. Spray the branches first and let them dry. You can also use glitter glue then sprinkle extra glitter on top if you want it all shiny!
  2. Wrap the branch around in a circle shape. Make the ends overlap slightly and twist them together.
  3. Cut the berries off the branches. Glue them together in a bunch of three. One towards the top off to one side.
  4. Then glue another bunch of three off to the side towards the bottom of the other side.
  5. Tie jute rope or ribbon on the part that is overlapping.

sparkly little wreath ornament Dollar Store DIY Mini Wreath Ornaments Cute mini wreath ornaments imgp4689 Dollar Store Tiny Wreath Ornament

I made them in red and silver. If you have green tree you can completely cover the ornaments in glitter to really make them pop. These colors worked great on my white tree. You can also string them up in a pretty Christmas garland. One package of branches makes 10 diy mini wreath ornaments.

DIY Mini Wreath Ornmanet



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