Beach Baby Gift

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Hover over the above image to see the new J&J Baby Designer Wrap exclusively at Target and purchase products for baby! How cool is that?! What a time to be alive with the magic of the internet.

My friend Jessica’s baby shower is coming up and we are planning a beach themed baby shower! Since we live close to the beach every baby is going to be a beach baby! Kids really love the ocean and the beach. Not to mention mama loves the beach. It’s important to give a gift that fits with the mom’s interests. She said she can’t wait to bring the baby to the beach with her! I remember when my daughter was a baby how fun it was to have beach days and how much she loved the water. I can’t wait for Jessica to have that experience with her first baby! After the beach a nice long bath is necessary. She needs the best products to keep baby safe and clean! It also helps to have bath products that make you feel like you are still at the beach with cute ocean designs. Beach themed bathrooms are the cutest, water and the beach are a match made in heaven. With a beach baby shower I needed to make a beach themed gift. I made this adorable beach bucket gift basket for her. The new stylish J&J Baby Design Wrap products worked perfect in the gift basket with their modern ocean animals design. I ¬†was inspired to make little turtle and octopus wash cloths to match with the baby bath products. They are really easy to make and the cutest! I got the fun new J&J Baby Designer Wrap products found exclusively at Target. Any excuse to go to Target is fine with me. When I bought them the lady at check out said someone else had just bought the Johnson’s Baby Wash Honey Apple kind. Next time I will have to get that scent, it sounds amazing! The ones I got with the ocean animal designs were perfect for a beach themed gift basket. It was easy to make and I know the new mom will love this gift. I just adore cute and easy themed, personal gifts. It also works perfectly for boys, girls, or if the mom is waiting to find out the sex of the baby! I personally couldn’t wait, I had to know. However, I love the idea of waiting for that surprise moment of finding out once the baby is born. Maybe for the next one.

This time of life is exciting with all of my friends having babies. I was the first of my friends to have a baby and since then it has been one friend after another having babies! I’ve become a bit of a baby gift expert. Johnson and Johnson baby products are always a must have in any gift basket. The new products are even cuter! The products also do not contain any parabens, phthalates, and are hypoallergenic. Made for children ages 0-5. Find out more about how safety is the #1 priority for Johnson & Johnson¬†here. Only the best for the new mom and baby!

In Target you can find the J&J Baby products in the Infant/Toddler section on the end of the aisle near the bath products. They have there own little spot! You can also shop for J&J Baby from the Target website.

For the octopus:

orange or colorful wash cloths

rubber bands

plastic googley eyes


  1. Pull the wash cloth up from the center. Make a circle shape and hold it right above the corners.
  2. Wrap a rubber band around this spot.
  3. Put a one inch piece of tape on the back of one google eye. You can use double sided tape or fold a piece of tape sticky side facing out.
  4. Add the eye to the wash cloth on the side.
  5. Then add the other eye. Press them on firmly.

For the turtles:

green wash cloths

rubber bands

plastic googley eyes

  1. Flip the wash cloth upside down.
  2. Fold both sides into the middle, dividing it into thirds.
  3. Flip it over with the sides still folded in.
  4. Pull up the center of one side.
  5. Wrap a rubber band around the one inch end center piece.
  6. Fold the bottom of the other end underneath. Make the back part into a circular shape and wrap a rubber band around it.
  7. Add googley eyes with tape on the back to the small end piece.

Beach Fun Baby Gift

She will absolutely love the gift! The beach pail was a cheap and easy basket to use for the gift basket. Now they can also use it for beach trips too. I used blue tissue paper to look like waves and water in the pail. You can wrap it around the front back and middle of the pail. Make the tissue paper pieces rounded and wavelike. You can also wrap the whole gift in cellophane to keep it together nicely. A bigger pail could hold even more J&J Baby products! Those cute whale bath tubs would also work great for this gift. Just add J&J Baby essentials, the wash cloth animals, blue tissue paper, and some ocean themed bath toys!

Beach Baby Gift


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