DIY Mermaid Pumpkin

Mermaid Pumpkin DIY

I’ve seen pretty sparkly pumpkins in recent years that look so fun for Halloween. I wish when I was a kid we had Pinterest to find blogs with super cool ideas for holidays. Luckily raising my daughter I can find fun inspiration and lots of supplies at the craft store. Oh what a time to be alive! There might be craziness in the world but the crafting has never been better. I was wanting sparkle without using glitter so I used glitter spray paint and it was so fun to use! I may have gotten a little extra sparkle on our patio, whoopsie, I hope my fiancĂ© likes the glitter porch. I’ve been on a mermaid kick since the summer and I wanted to bring it into the fall. Mermaids don’t need to stay in the summer and since we live near the ocean why not have a mermaid themed pumpkin. I love how pretty and sparkly this diy mermaid pumpkin is, I think it looked even better in person. It’s hard to capture in pictures just how sparkly it looks.

What you need to make this diy mermaid pumpkin:

decorative white pumpkin or orange and paint it white

green and purple spray paint

decorative star fish

jewel stickers

  1. Cover the top of the pumpkin with tape. You can also just spray the whole pumpkin and then just the top part with the glitter spray paint.
  2. spray the bottom of the pumpkin. You can just do it around on the sides that will show. I flipped it over and did the whole bottom but just the sides should work fine just thoroughly cover the pumpkin. Let the paint dry.
  3. Spray the glitter spray on the top half or third. You can cover the bottom to get an even line across or just spray away if you don’t mind a little drip effect.
  4. Let the first layer of glitter spray dry then spray another layer on.
  5. Then paint the starfish with paint or the bottom color of spray paint.
  6. Add little jewel stickers in different colors on the pumpkin and starfish for added embellishments.
  7. Tie or glue the starfish to the top of the pumpkin.

Sparkly Mermaid Pumpkin Under the Sea Mermaid PumpkinSparkly DIY Mermaid Pumpkin Fun DIY Mermaid Pumpkin

I love how fun and sparkly this turned out! I don’t think the pictures even do it justice. If you have an inner mermaid or need a little more sparkle in your life this pumpkin is for you!

DIY Mermaid Pumpkin

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