25 Ways to Practice Self Care On the Go

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Do you ever stop and think wow it’s already Friday? Sometime time just flies by because of our busy schedule. Often times I get caught up in the busy day to day schedule and I put off taking care of myself. I say tomorrow I will do something for myself and then tomorrow I will say the same thing. I’ve gotten to the point where I realize sometimes I have to put myself first and practice self care on the go. Life isn’t going to slow down with an active kid and working from home. It would be nice to be able to freeze time to just take a me day but until I come across time freezing powers I will have to make time freeze myself. Even if you are always on the go you can find little ways and little bits of time to take care of yourself that can make a big difference. Not only will I give you some easy ideas for self care, I made some PRINTABLES CLICK HERE that you can add right to a bottle of Honest Tea® or tape to the back of Lorissa’s Kitchen Premium Protein Snacks. It adds an easy way to plan out your self care and goals. Plus, simple motivational quotes because we could all use those little words of encouragement. The right drinks and snacks are an essential part of self care. Honest Tea® and Lorissa’s Kitchen Premium Protein Snacks are the perfect on the go snacks. I love Honest Tea’s Honey Green Tea and Lorissa’s Kitchen Korean Barbeque Beef. Yum, now I’m getting hungry. I always have a cooler worth of snacks and drinks packed for my daughter taking her to activities. Sometimes I forget to bring anything at all for myself and I wonder why I am so low on energy. Seriously ladies, we have to take care of ourselves too!

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Now that you have your snacks and drinks ready here are some simple ways to take care of yourself on the go:

  1. Stop to smell the roses or pick a flower. Flowers bring such beauty into life and sometimes you just need to slow down and stop to literally smell the roses. 
  2. Get your feet on the ground. I love getting to the beach to get my feet in the sand but sometimes you just need to feel the ground and take off those uncomfortable shoes! Whether it is at a park or in your back yard feel the ground beneath your feet for a minute.
  3. Take a walk. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 find some time to take a walk in a pretty place. It’s a great form of exercise and you get to enjoy the outdoors. If the weather outside doesn’t make that enjoyable find an indoor area, like a mall, to walk. Window shop and get some exercise?! That’s extra care.
  4. Play your favorite song. This can be a current one or one that brings you back to a special time in your life. I have a few theme songs for life. One to motivate me, one when I’m feeling silly, and one when I’m feeling sentimental. Music is good for the soul.
  5. Sing! Sometimes you just really have to belt out a song. When my daughter is not in the car I love to just sing at the top of my lungs. I may sing out of tune but I love it!
  6. Bring the right snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day. Having Honest Tea and Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks keeps me energized throughout the day.
  7. Paint your nails. I like to bring a bottle of nail polish with me and if I have any wait time at lunch, waiting to pick up my daughter, or at an appointment I can just paint my nails.
  8. Read a book. You can take little bits of time to read and before you know it you will be done with the book.
  9. Read a magazine. I also like to have a magazine to quickly browse through. It is a fun little escape from the day. If I don’t have the time or energy to dig into a book a magazine does the trick.
  10. Indulge in a guilty pleasure. I personally love gossip magazines and reality television on occasion.
  11. Random acts of kindness. It can feel good to do just a small good deed. Buy someones coffee or give a compliment to a stranger.
  12. Take a moment for meditation. Just be in the moment, breathe, and enjoy the silence.
  13. A moment of gratitude. Think of all the things you are grateful for in your life. A positive attitude can really change your day!
  14. Catch up with an old friend. Plan a lunch date or phone date with someone you miss.
  15. Watch the sunrise or sunset. I’m not a huge morning person but I love watching the sunrise. If I can’t make it up early enough for the sunrise I also love to watch the sunset.
  16. Wear yoga pants all day! They are comfy and you can wear them out of the house. Somedays you just need a full on comfortable yoga pants and no make up day.
  17. Do yoga or any other kind of exercise you enjoy.
  18. Write down your goals, personal or professional, for the day. Make them achievable so you will feel accomplished and not overwhelmed.
  19. Write down all of your great ideas. I like to bring a notebook with me and just do a brain dump every once in a while to get out any ideas I have. They may not all be great but usually there is something good in there. 
  20. Find a peaceful spot. I have a spot that is not too far off my usually path that I can find some peace and quiet. If I’m feeling blah or overwhelmed I go to this spot to recharge.
  21. Take the scenic route. There are a few roads I love to drive on. One is by the beach, one I call the tree road because trees make a canopy above the road providing shade, and another has just beautiful houses I love to drive past. Find your fun road, roll the windows down if you can, and enjoy the view.
  22. Buy something little for you. I love to get craft supplies or shirts with fun sayings. Get something little that will make you smile. Even just take a minute to browse at the craft store is fun.
  23. Let out a scream! If you are stressed sometimes you just need a good scream. Preferably in the car with no one around to hear you. If you prefer not to scream just write down what is bothering you in life and rip it up. Let it all go.
  24. Take a bath. I’m talking full on spa experience bath. Light candles, play relaxing music, bubbles, and anything else to make you feel like you have been transported to a spa.
  25. Take a nap or sleep in! Sleep is essential to feel your best and keep you going. Let someone else take the responsibility for bit and get some extra sleep.

You don’t have to do everything on this list or everything at once. Pick one thing a day to do for yourself to make today a bit better. Don’t wait until tomorrow start today taking care of yourself! Your future self will thank you. These printables make it extra easy to take care of yourself on the go and are simple to add to your Honest Tea. Remember you can get the Ibotta Offer when you shop at Walmart to purchase your Honest Tea and Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks! What else do you do to take care of yourself on the go? I’m always looking for more easy ideas.

25 Ways To Practice Self Care On The Go

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