Mermaid Easter Basket

I have been obsessed with mermaids lately. In fact I made my office a mermaid theme because I just love them so much! I’ve also been dying to get some mermaid fabric for a project. First I got it for a mermaid message board, which I still might make but I haven’t gotten around to that just yet. I decided to make a mermaid Easter basket and I just love how it turned out. The colors in this fabric were perfect for a mermaid lover but they make them in a bunch of different colors know. You can write letters for kids names on the front. I made it for Easter but you can really use this basket for toys or all kinds of fun goodies year round. Mermaids can be included in all of the holidays in my opinion. You know the Christmas mermaid, Thanksgiving mermaid, etc. Also with summer coming up I anticipate a ton of mermaid fun on the blog and trending soon.

What you need to make this pretty basket:

a cheap pail or Easter basket

mermaid fabric

hot glue

matching pipe cleaners


  1. Take the basket and wrap the fabric around to where it overlaps slightly not showing any of the basket.
  2. Then cut the fabric in the place you want it.
  3. Glue one edge. Then glue along the top, middle and bottom. I glued small sections working my way around the basket until it was covered with the fabric.
  4. Glue any extra fabric hanging over the bottom underneath the bottom of the basket.
  5. Take a small strip of the fabric and wrap it around the top of the handle. I bunched it slightly and glued it on. Then wrapped a sparkle pipe cleaner around it. You could wrap the pipe cleaner around it and then glue the top of the piece together, making a fin.

Mermaid Message Easter Basket Sparkly mermaid basket Easter Mermaid Basket

I just can’t take how fun and sparkly this is. I kind of want to keep it all to myself and not give it to my daughter(insert evil laugh). Nah, I’ll be nice and share it with her!

Mermaid Easter Basket

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