Butterfly Leaf Craft

leaf butterflies

I have been out of blogging for far to long and I missed my creative crafty time! I’m pregnant and my craft time has been taken over by nap time. However, I got a surge of energy and now I’m back at it with some fun fall projects. My daughter and I made some cute leaf projects with Dollar Tree faux leafs. You can also use real leaves you collect, we just don’t have those as available here. In the fall here we get more butterflies than falling leaves. We live in Florida and don’t have the full four seasons. I love the idea of fall, but I don’t know if I could handle a traditional cold winter. We only get a couple tiny falling leaves, but we do have the monarch butterflies migrating through this area in October. It’s a magical experience to be surrounded by tons of butterflies! I love butterflies. The monarchs are my favorite along with blue butterflies. The great thing about this butterfly leaf craft is they wont fly away from you. You an keep them to play with over and over again.

For this butterfly leaf craft you need:
Faux or real leaves
Paint in any colors you want
Popsicle sticks(I used colorful ones from Dollar Tree)
Glue or hot glue(for the kiddos skip the hot glue)
Googley eyes
1. Paint the leaves with fun bright colors. They don’t have to look perfect just bright and fun. You can also just color them in with markers if you want a little less mess.
2. Let the paint dry.
3. Glue googley eyes on the popsicle sticks partway down.
add butterfly wing
4. Glue the leaves to the back of the popsicle stick. One facing with the top out to one side and the other with the top out to the other side. Two leaves for two butterfly wings.
5. If you have plain color popsicle sticks you can color the body in black or other colors. You can also use colorful popsicle sticks.
6. You can add pipe cleaner antennas glued to the top or just draw them on. I just had the pipe cleaners on hand but drawn on is just as cute! Also draw on a mouth.
leaf butterflies
My daughter did some painting but she also made hers her own. She glued the materials to paper and just colored in the background. I love when she makes my ideas her own and her ideas are always better than mine(her words not mine). Oh to have the confidence of a 7 year old! These leaf butterflies are just the cutest and we had fun flying them around the house. We can also take them outside to play with the real butterflies. I love how simple they were to make too!
Butterfly Leaf Craft

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