Popsicle Stick Leaf Doll


This craft is just the cutest fall craft for kids. My daughter actually wanted to make these and sometimes she is hard to please with crafts. She used to be really in to crafts but lately it’s hard to find crafts that compete with Roblox. Sometimes I have to get her to put down the electronics and make some old fashioned crafts! She had fun making these popsicle stick leaf dolls. Crafting is fun with a little partner. She doesn’t always love my original ideas, she has to change something to make it her own. I love her creativity, she is sooo my child. These dolls are really simple to make and your kid can put their own spin on it like my daughter did. Hers had its tongue sticking out and it’s hair down how she usually wears her hair. They both had the cute leaf skirts. You can paint on the top or draw it. You could also make a leaf top! Since crafts are just for fun let kids use their own personality and create it the way they want. I just provide the basic craft and let the kiddo let loose!

What you need:
Faux or real leaves(the real ones are harder to come by for us so I used colorful Dollar Tree leaves)
Paint or markers
Black marker for the face
Googley eyes
Yarn(You could also use tissue paper, paper or draw on the hair)
Popsicle sticks
1. Glue on one leaf for the skirt to the middle of the popsicle stick. I used hot glue but use standard glue with kids.
2. Glue a second leaf angled slightly to one side on top of the first one.
3. Glue the last leaf slightly angled to the other side.
4. Paint or draw on the top of the dress. Let the paint dry.
5. Add googley eyes. I used colorful ones from the dollar tree.
6. Take 3 short pieces of yarn about 2 inches long. Twist them together in the middle and glue them to the top of the popsicle stick. You can add ties on each side for pig tails. You can also tie them around the back for a pony tail.
7. Then draw on the mouth.
popsicle stick leaf girl doll
You are done and your popsicle stick leaf dolls are ready to play! They can twirl and dance with their pretty skirts. You can do any combination of colors for the dresses, eyes, and hair. It’s a fun and simple fall craft for kids to make!
Popsicle Stick Leaf Dolls

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