Free Printable Mummy Template for Kids

mummy outline template printable for crafts

Mummy Craft Template

It is the spooky season and that means time for some halloween crafts! Use this free printable mummy template for crafting with kids. Make them with kids at home, in a classroom, or at a Halloween party. All you need is the printable template and some paper to get started on some fun crafts. if you are looking for a simple printable craft with little prep and low mess I’ve got you covered.

This template includes a few different sizes of mummy outline as well as a simple mummy to color in. I will give you a few different examples for how to use the free printables for crafting. These easy crafts work on kids fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination.

Halloween is a great time for crafting and halloween celebrations. Make this fun mummy, bats, and pumpkins with some of my simple templates. I like to make the templates like a blank canvas where you can use your imagination in making fun crafts. However, if you need ideas for mummy crafts I give a few ideas for easy crafts below.

3 Different Mummy Templates

Big Mummy Outline

First you will find the big mummy. This is a great size for crafting with small kids. They can craft directly on the printed out paper. Using this template use scissors to cut out the outline. Then trace the shape on black cardstock or construction paper with a white crayon or chalk. Then add white strips of paper to make an easy mummy.

CLICK HERE for the large mummy outline

large mummy outline printable for crafts

Medium Mummy Outline

This size can work great for crafting, decorating a bulletin board, or party decorations. The medium size comes with four mummies on a sheet. This size is still big enough for plenty of easy craft projects. Plus, if you are printing them out for a whole class to craft it will require less sheets of paper. For party decorations use a hole punch on the top of each mummy then string it on a ribbon or yarn. This makes a cute and easy halloween garland.

CLICK HERE for the medium mummy outline

medium mummy outline printable for crafts

Small Mummy Outline

The small size can also be used many ways. Use them for crafts, cupcake toppers, counting, or color matching. For color matching print the template on a few different colors of cardstock paper in 8.5×11 inch size. It can be part craft and part math class. I love when something can be used for multiple purposes. Another way to use small mummies is making mummy puppets. Just tape the template on to a popsicle stick to make a mummy puppet. Make a bunch for mummy pretend play!

CLICK HERE for small mummy outlines

small mummy outlines for crafts

Mummy Craft Ideas


Paper plate mummy. 


Paint a paper plate black. Paint strips of white across the plate horizontally. Then trace the large mummy outline on the plate. Next cut out the shape.

Wrapped Yarns Mummy. 


To make this fun halloween craft trace the mummy shape on to black paper with a white crayon or chalk. Then cut out the mummy shape. Now kids can get to wrapping up a mummy with yarn. Wrap yarn around the middle of the mummy. Then the head and finally the legs. Tape the yarn in the back in places in needs help staying such as the head. Another way to do this craft is to punch holes along the edges of the mummy and kids can string the white yarn though the holes. This activity works on fine motor skills.


Mummy Marble Painting. 


Another fun way to make a pattern on the mummy is make a marble painting. Roll marbles in black paint covering the marbles. Then put the free template printed on white paper in a box. Roll the marbles back and forth over the mummy template to create stripes. This will give your mummy a striped look. Kids will also love rolling the marbles.


Masking Tape Mummy


This craft is super easy and works on fine motor skills. A perfect craft for younger kids. Well all of these crafts work for young kids preschool and up. Make a cute mummy with masking tape by tracing the template on black paper. Then cut out the template. Add strips of masking tape across the mummy template horizontally. Wrap it around from the front side of the mummy to the back side of the mummy pattern. You can put the masking tape at different angles they don’t have to be placed on perfectly. If you want to make it easier on kids pre cut strips of tape and put them on parchment paper. Then kids can peal them off and add them right to the mummy. Then glue on the mummy’s eyes. Use googly eyes or make your own eyes with paper. Draw a small mouth on one of the strips of masking tape with a black marker. You also can make a mouth with paper.


Supplies Needed


Free printable pdf file for personal use, non-commercial use

Print the template on white paper, preferably cardstock paper because it is thicker but printer paper will do

Black paper

White paper

Glue stick or tape


Googly eyes

How to use the Mummy Template:


Step one: First you will need to download the free download and have a pdf reader to open the file.

Step two: Print out the template on white cardstock or printer paper. If you are going to craft directly on the sheet of paper cardstock is better but for using it as a stencil printer paper works.

Step three: Get to crafting! Add strips of black or white paper with a glue stick or white glue. Then put the strips of paper on the mummy outline horizontally. Kids can also add strips of masking tape for a really easy craft. The best part of using masking tape is this is a low mess craft. After adding strips of paper or tape add googly eyes. Draw on a mouth or make a paper mouth to finish it off.

Step four: Do you want to add the mummy on to a background sheet of paper? Cut out the mummy outline. Younger children might need help with this step. Then glue the mummy on to a fun colored sheet of paper. Kids can draw spooky trees, bats, or a haunted house in the background.

These templates are really easy to use for a simple craft for family fun. Just download the free printable template and get to crafting with kids of all ages! I hope the whole family has some halloween fun with mummies.

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